Musicians face numerous challenges in the post-Brexit landscape. These challenges have raised concerns, leading to considerations of potential career change and a call for government support.

Work Permits and Visas: Musicians can no longer travel and work freely across the EU, requiring work permits and visas for performances in certain countries. This leads to additional costs, paperwork, and potential limitations on touring.

Financial Impact: The music industry contributes significantly to the UK economy, and Brexit poses a threat to its success. Increased costs, potential losses in revenue from European tours, and additional financial burdens affect musicians’ livelihoods.

Uncertainty and Lack of Clarity: The lack of clarity surrounding post-Brexit regulations and the need for bilateral deals with certain EU member states create uncertainty for musicians. This impacts their ability to plan tours, navigate work permit requirements, and make informed decisions

Impact on Live Sector and Music Tourism: The live sector and music tourism may be affected, with potential declines in international collaborations, fewer European acts traveling to the UK, and a negative impact on music tourism.

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European Movement launches campaign to shine spotlight on plight of musicians post-Brexit

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