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Journal and other notes on development and evolution of the site

300×250 Banner Ad

If you want to advertise on The Music Network here’s how it works:

1. Supply a 300 x 250 Banner Ad

2. Supply a brief one sentence pitch on how you support, promote and encourage new music in the region.

3. Supply a Declaration that your advert refers to something that has never had any form of funding or government support(‘cos that’s cheating isn’t it?) and that you do not wish to pursue any in future for the purposes of making your event or music thing happen.

4. The Music Network will review and decide which adverts get the slot for whatever period of time it chooses to put the banner advert up.

5. The advert is FREE

Have a look and see the current advert up on the site and you will get the idea if you don’t have a clue what this is all about.

Reviews wanted

If you have a review for posting on The Music Network Site and it’s under 250 words and can supply a picture as a jpeg or similar, get in touch. Reviews can be anything related to music and West Midlands Region.

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