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The Flyover Show Freedom Square, Soweto, South Africa 31st March 2012 FREE 10am to 6pm

The Flyover Show FLYER FRONT 31st March 2012: Freedom Square, South Africa

In the days of early apartheid rule half a century ago, on 26 June 1955, over 3 000 representatives of resistance organisations made their way through police cordons to gather on a dusty square in Kliptown, Soweto, 40km south of Johannesburg.

This was the Congress of the People, who met to draw up the Freedom Charter, an alternative vision to the repressive policies of the apartheid state.

At the time, Nelson Mandela had to stay concealed to avoid the police. On the second day, the authorities broke up the gathering, but not before the charter was adopted as a guide document. It remains the cornerstone of African National Congress (ANC) policy to this day, and is seen by many as the foundation of South Africa’s 1996 Constitution.

That dusty field has now been declared a national heritage site, and on 26 June 2005 President Thabo Mbeki lit a flame of freedom in Kliptown to mark the opening of the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication – and 50 years of the Freedom Charter.

The Flyover Show 31st March 2012:

Hip-Hop artist and award winning alto-saxophonist, Soweto Kinch, will host a groundbreaking show featuring a diverse and brilliant line-up in the historic Freedom Square on 31st March 2012. Among the artists that have confirmed their appearance at the Flyover Show are Tumi from Tumi and the Volume, Soweto Kinch and band, Feya Faku, ESKA, Jonzi D, Bokani Dyer, DJ Raiko and the Kliptown Youth Program Gumboot Dancers. Continue reading

Gigbeth 2008:another failure or another success?Was it both?What are your thoughts a few months on?

I have resisted the temptation to put my thoughts on Gigbeth 2008 down as I didn’t attend any part of it. I was hoping to hear all the stories, read up on the reviews and look at the pictures but to be honest there hasn’t been much to look at. Perhaps I haven’t looked very far.

Was it a another failure or another success, how do you define failure, how do you define success? Was it a failure and also a success? How was Gigbeth for you? What impact has Gigbeth had? How do you measure an event’s success?


This is the only photo sent in to the Music Network during the event from a member of the public, was it really all that bad?

I don’t think it was. Have a look at this

There is a flickr group that people have contributed to here:

Gigbeth Reviews:

4 Talent Magazine

Birmingham Post

Rhubarb Radio

Gigbeth PO Box 14386
B25 9EL

Please send  in your links, photos, reviews and comments on your Gigbeth experience and any suggestions for the future would be most welcome, i feel some evaluation of past events and hopes for future ones may be useful. Your comments please…..

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