Mark Badger, Richard Mitton, Adrian Kimberline, Marcus Taylor, Gary Heywood, Kevin Moore, Nigel Right, Germaine Roberts, Jimmy Davis, Saurab Thomas, Raol, Rob Heaton, Richard Skelding, Clyde Mckenzie, Mart Mullan, Yannis Yfestos, Keisha Thomapson, Elisha Baptiste


Andy Derrick, Anthony Hughes, Clare Edwards, Kate Southall, Andy Ward


Mark Badger

New Points:

Richard Mitton:
Freelance live engineer, always on the look out for anyone who can give some work.
Managing a band called……Vinnie and the Curse.
Been in the studio recording an ep. called Psychic foot ep, had airplay on q radio and kerrang.
contact Richard:
Next gig sat 12th February at Flapper and firkin, Birmingham

Suggestions for Gigs and help: of Black Country, Stourbridge Music Network. Actress and Bishop, Taphouse Kidderminster, Old Wharf Digbeth, also talk to Greg at Wagon and Horses Digbeth. phone Greg on 07522 072501. Try upstairs at Victoria, round the back of the Alex Theatre…in birmingham… is free subject to bar spend etc.

Marcus Taylor:
Has recorded three albums. Needs help and advice on what to do next.
Talked about mcps license, how does it work? PRS? PPL? Copyright? How does it all work, what should he do next.

How to go about selling material online:


CD baby…pay
Ditto music

How should he go about promotion of tracks once loaded up


Social media
Facebook myspace
Myemma 10 dollars a month
Watch “Social media in plain english” on youtube.
Try and find some blogs that cover your type of music
Think about what you are doing, what you want to do. do your research, put a strategy together,

Discussion about benefits and pitfalls of trademarks
Try trademarking

Keisha suggested  PRS music grants for musicians. look at prs music website. you need to have already booked gigs and help with more admin stuff.

Is setting up a record label
had a band in the 80’s calle “weapon of peace”
Has still got a bit of a fanbase. Discussion followed.

“weapon of peace”

Band has reformed
First gig at the Robin 2 in Bilston
Clyde plays keyboards, band plays reggae fusion.
We’re setting up a record label to help musicians and also workshops to help musicians understand prs ppl, musicians union. publishing.

discussion of musicians union, how much does it cost, what are the benfits of membership.

Question about is there anywhere to record for free. or even filming for free
Scratch radio
Spaghetti junction
Birmingham City University students union page.
cat higgs:

Join musicians union.

Kevin Moore:

Is working at South Birmingham Community Radio, Musicians Union, Scratch radio.
Chairman and head of music at South Birmingham Community Radio, based in kings heath, broadcasting on the internet at the moment.
Kevin is looking for artists, gigs , reviews, presskits, email:
Setting up
Send mps through.
Also looking to look to develop some shows for example on a sunday. Birmingham top ten show 3-4pm on Sunday.

Also Scratch Radio based at City North Campus BCU
send info to
mp3 etc

Looking at mixcloud as a way of getting “listen again” service operating.

Talk about rhubarb radio. Talk of recording local acoustic nights and putting out live through local rradio.

Mart Mullan:
Mrt is from Belfast.
Managing a band called: Changing Horses. Psychedic indie folk band, playing americana type music.
07850 327766 email
Mart is looking fo gigs, publishing, record label, americana music.
Mart is setting up an Americana Festival in Derry.
Mart is going to sxsw so if anyone wants to get their music showcased contact Mart. Also looking for an indie rock band to tour with.

Asked questions about PPL, if he is to release a record, should he register with ppl himself, as a band, as a label. Confused as to how best to release his own music. Discussion followed.

Elisha Baptiste
From Trinidad, released a couple of singles. Currently a Student at BCU. Singer Songwriter. Reggae, RnB pop etc.
Urban music. Elisha represents some Canadian producers called and Elisha writes for their blog too.
Elisha does writes ups on artists in urban genre.

Request for help: is looking for musicians to help Elisha record her material so she can pass it on to publishers and other artists.

Rob Heaton

Pathway media productions,
anyone interested in writing music for film,
Rob is freelance but is looking for freelance work.
Rob is in the producers forum