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Musoplex film opinions on Music in the West Midlands

Musoplex, a rehearsal and recording studio based in Oldbury, is looking for opinionated creative residents of the West Midlands e.g. promoters, bands, artists and management, to have a chat on video about the state of music in the region.  They have posted a few of their pilots online, filmed and edited by Musoplex Director Andy Ward.

Andy said “Musoplex as a studio and rehearsal rooms hears a lot of opinions as to the good and bad going on in music in the area. We have decided to do something about it, we are documenting views and opinions on film. If you want to offer your own opinions or comments to camera, in no more than a 10 minute interview e-mail andy@musoplex.com.”

Watch the videos for yourself, and if you have something to say, get in touch.

March 2011 Music Network Meeting Minutes

Music Network Meeting Thursday 31st March 2011

TEE, Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham

In attendance

Saurab Thomas (bcu graduate), Sheryl (student acces to music, starting ) Robin Valk (radiotogo), Clare Edwards, Simon Howes, Abi , Adrian Kimberline, Katy Jay (photographer musoplex),  Colin Tippin (musicalechanges.com), Peter Marchant (student), Matt Marchant (student musician, presenter on scratch radio), Alex (accounting and finnace student), Sean (student), Liam (composing and producing music, comedy script writing) Keisha Thompson (singer songwriter poet). Ann Sulaiman. Spence Cater.


Nicola Toms – Oxjam, Martin Mullan – Changing Horses, Anthony Hughes – Musician, Andy Ward – Musoplex, Vince is touring with 10cc, Kevin Moore – Scratch Radio, Andy Derrick – Musician. Continue reading

January 2011 Music Network Meeting Minutes


Mark Badger, Richard Mitton, Adrian Kimberline, Marcus Taylor, Gary Heywood, Kevin Moore, Nigel Right, Germaine Roberts, Jimmy Davis, Saurab Thomas, Raol, Rob Heaton, Richard Skelding, Clyde Mckenzie, Mart Mullan, Yannis Yfestos, Keisha Thomapson, Elisha Baptiste


Andy Derrick, Anthony Hughes, Clare Edwards, Kate Southall, Andy Ward


Mark Badger Continue reading

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