Music Network Meeting Thursday 31st March 2011

TEE, Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham

In attendance

Saurab Thomas (bcu graduate), Sheryl (student acces to music, starting ) Robin Valk (radiotogo), Clare Edwards, Simon Howes, Abi , Adrian Kimberline, Katy Jay (photographer musoplex),  Colin Tippin (, Peter Marchant (student), Matt Marchant (student musician, presenter on scratch radio), Alex (accounting and finnace student), Sean (student), Liam (composing and producing music, comedy script writing) Keisha Thompson (singer songwriter poet). Ann Sulaiman. Spence Cater.


Nicola Toms – Oxjam, Martin Mullan – Changing Horses, Anthony Hughes – Musician, Andy Ward – Musoplex, Vince is touring with 10cc, Kevin Moore – Scratch Radio, Andy Derrick – Musician.

New Points:

Robin Valk:

Update on the pilot project. To provide a permanant documentation of digital music nationwide.

First website launched in November, examining the methodology that you need to curate what is going on in music in a contemporary sense.

Goal: to run this nationally, before we get to that point a lot more work to be done.

Goal: good curation of project, rather than letting anyone get involved.

Next: about 3 months ago…..Rhubarb radio fell over and Robin was asked what he could do.

Robin suggested that daytime should include original material sourced and automated to cover airtime when live presenters are unavailable.

Robin Valk is looking for new music for rhubarb radio programming, part of new strategy to help rhubarb radio to improve its listenership.

email mp3 for consideration to robin at

Clare Edwards:

Talked about Sound it out. they have had their funding cut by 100%. Clare is starting a campaign to try and find some more funding for sound it out. Clare has done a blog post on her website about the issue. “” please pledge your support.

Abi Seabrook:

Abi sings with a band that plays the music of 18th century. Plan is to go on tour. Abi would like people to get in touch if they have any suggestions to help source more shows for her band. A discussion followed about ways to do this effectively, contacts suggested.

Katy Jay:

Talked about
Andy Ward and Si Reeves run musoplex that is rehearsal studios and recording studio.
Andy has started producing 6 of the best. A cd compilation of local acts.

The March issue features: Discoteque Wreck and 5 others.
Also a band that used to be called skullfox “come the light”
Katy has just done their photoshoot.

Katy Jay: photography work. £30 per band, photo shoot, 20 minutes, ten photo shoot, black or white background.

interested parties get in touch andy at

Katy is also doing a Podcast called “scene not herd” trying to take some more interesting and edgy music and putting it into syndication.

Colin Tippin:
Musical Exchanges is a resource for anyone connected with the music business.
There is a networking section on there for musicians offering a prize of a yamaha guitar up for grabs

Cheryl – Iconic Artist Management.
The company develops artists before approaching record labels with them.
Cheryl wants to create a business in Birmingham that will take a few from the artist of musician.
Idea is that that artists would audition first. If selected they then pay £1500 and get 6 months of artist development.
all enquiries to cheryl

Radio presenter on Scratch Radio.

Feel free to offer feedback
email: petermarchantmusic at

Scratch radio is BCU student radio show. its unique because its a student and community radio station.
The radio station is having a really good time at the moment. The hope is that Scratch radio will be listened to, and liked.

Request: more music for scratch radio.
Links to downloads would be best.