The Music Network Meeting Minutes April 28th 2011


Mark Badger, Cheryl Graham, Adam Kyron, Andy derrick, Clare edwards, Chris Hytch, Dmien Morgan, Yaz Alexander, Mart Mullan, Anthony Hughes, Keisha Thompson,


Andy Ward Musoplex, Nicola Toms, Alex Oxjam, Simon Howes, John Taylor, Worcester Music Network, Colin Tippin, Musical Exchanges,

New Points:

Clare Edwards

Sound It Out campaign. Sound it out have had their funding cut, Clare is running a campaign to raise awareness of the situation and build support for sound it out to be funded again.

Clare has asked people if they could get a friend to sign the petition.

Have a read about it. Please consider signing it.
Having a meeting 8pm, Tuesday, May 10th Prince of Wales, Moseley, Birmingham
Come along if you want to get involved.

SIO get £100,000 a year from the Arts Council and get £700,000 from other charities and other sources.

Andy Derrick

Sostenuto provides advice and guidance regarding funding bid writing and related activities.

Andy runs Sostenuto, they support Birmingham and Stourbridge Music Network. Stourbridge Music network happens on the second Monday of the month at Base Studios, Stourbridge. They do gigs, rehearsals, graphic design, independent music industry consultation. Next meeting Monday 9th May 7pm tea and biscuits, website is

As an Independent Musician, Andy was diagnosed with a heart problem and is finding it difficult to travel long distances to work as a musician. Andy is a qualified musician and composer, notation, harmony, music exams. Andy is a published composer and arranger. Andy is freelancing as a trombone and tuba player. Andy can help with recording projects, arrangement and anything else related to horn sections. Andy would like people to get in touch.

Andy Derrick 07595 663966

Adam Kyron singer songwriter performer. Would like to find more musicians to work with. Adam is looking for a guitarist. He has posted his work on

Also looking for gigs, a producer, studio space, Adam kyron
Sort of indie pop rock rnB

Discussion followed and suggestions made. B festival, Simon Reeves at John Morris at the yardbird does a night for new musicians and performers. also eLAy (LA) find him on facebook, he does a night at Tower of Song venue in Cotteridge.

Cheryl  Graham – student access to music, iconic management

Mart Mullan artist management, music licensing, americana festival in Derry Ireland.

Martin is going to LA with support from UK trade and industry. Martin is looking for artists to place. Live performance and synchronisation are the focus. Martin wants good bands to get in touch either Americana, Indie, Metal,
Americana festival, Americana festival in Ireland. Martin wants to bring it to Birmingham.

Also working with a band called Changing Horses, looking for gig swaps.

Yaz Alexander, Singer Songwriter, Producer, B City Collective, Vocal coaching, Supporting events that engage.

Damian Morgan, artist author, book hip hop had a dream, songwriting partnership

Chris Hit Hot Productions, Record Label, Produccer, B City Collective.

B City Collective: Idea being to get together urban singers and songwriters and get a group of artists together, encouraging collaboration to boost networking. We want to release digital singles with proper videos.

Into top 40 download chart with about 2,500 downloads in a week.

Idea to get Bimingham Artists together, the hope is to get a much greater impact.
First single Zara, Yaz Alexander, Damian has just finished his book Hip-hop had a dream.

Track called out the box, chorus written by one person, sung by another, track written by someone else,

Mixture or rock hip hop acoustic and Electronica. Trying to get together a certain style and sound associated with the B City Collective. Sunday 10th july shooting a video at the drum. Money goes to charity for the first single. Still waiting to choose the charity.

The project is for birmingham based artists, and for those artists to give and gain leverage from the work. Idea of getting people together to make the venture work initially for charity and then as a commercial project at a later date.

Hip hop had a dream forum on facebook. book is out for sale.

Keisha Thompson. singer songwriter.

Robin Valk

In charge of the pilot project archiving project.


Rhubarb radio has tremendous potential, 3 of the djs worked with Robin on the Pilot Project last year. Rhubarb nearly went bust and fell over. Robin has been woking with them to rebuild the radio station. Rhubarb Radio is now back on the air. Robin is organising the automated mix content. Robin has decided to make the Radio station to play an automated mix of exclusively West Midlands based music. Dj mixes go on over the night and then exclusive Birmingham based content streams for the rest of the time. What Robin is now looking at, jazz, alternative, ambient, chill, rock, dance. Things have started to move ahead but robin is keen to listen to stuff.

Today Robin has been talking with 360, Andrew Cowan’s Stately Homes of England.

send mp3 or files to Robin at

Discussion about licensing: Centric,, Martin Mullan