Happy thursday all :-)

It’s thursday night…it’s ten’o’clock…and once again it’s time for the Mouth of God! Presented by me, Sir Real…with, as you might expect, a fine selection of wrongness, weirdness, beauty, cosmic anthems, acid rock, deviant disco, mutant techno, funny talk and hoo-haa…

Tonight’s theme is “Good enough to eat!”…pretty self-explanatory really, will be playing songs all about food, drink, eating and drinking in general, or in fact anything that you might want to put in your mouth ;-) Suggestions and requests are welcomed in the shoutbox as always, although as usual I can’t promise that I will play them all :-)

I would be very chuffed indeed if some of you would like to join me for the journey, don’t forget to say hi – and please feel free to circulate far and wide to spread the wrongness :-)

Go to http://www.musicworldradio.com/ to listen…

Also, have uploaded two new podcasts for your listening pleasure, you can check them out here:



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See you later,

Neil x

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