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April 2013 Music Network Meeting Minutes

Birmingham Music Network Meeting – 25th April 2013

Ayesha Campbell – singer vocal coach

Andrea Campbell- students of sound

Manoj Solanki – produces dance music

Hugh McGuinness – music promoter, band manager

Robert Sharl – BCU, Futurilla podcast network

Emma Scott- marketing for University of Birmingham

Richard Battye – River studio

Andrew Marsh – Oxjam, Birmingham

Tom – Skill sharing company, apps for phones Music

Richard Mitten – freelance sound engineer.

Spence Cater -Musician, Songwriter

Simon Howes – Freelance sound engineer

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February 2013 Music Network Meeting Minutes

The Music Network Meeting Minutes February 28th 2013


Mark Badger – Birmingham Music Network / Iron Man Records

Yanhua Jiang – BCU

Robert Sharl – BIAD / Futurilla

Katheryn Taylor – Singer Songwriter

Matt Gaffiney – Composer and Performer

Ilvars Veinbergs – Photography, Arts Projects

Steve Rubinstein – Musician Songwriter

Christina Sabbagh – Vocalist / BOA

Adrian Kimberlin – Exit Recording

Richard Battye – River Studio (Photograph) The Undercocks (Band)

Robin Valk – Radio To Go

Kirsty Lowrie – Motivated by Music

a number of other people showed up late but I didnt get their details as the conversation was flowing…..

Apologies: None

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Dapper FM from 8 till 10pm (UK time) on Tuesday 1st May 2012

Our next radio show will be on 1st May, 2012. The first day of May is significant for many reasons. For some it is seen as International Workers Day (Mayday) and for others it is the Celtic festival of Beltane. We will be commemorating both on this weeks show.

We will feature several numbers appropriate to International Workers Day, with unions, people power and general anti-establishmentism getting a plug; including brand new tunes from Inner Terrestrials, Anti-flag and Dreadzone

We will also be showcasing some of the bands playing The Beltane Buzz festival in West Wales next weekend, including Captain Accident and the Disasters, Zinc Bukowski and brand new exclusives from The Bleedin’ Noses and Cakehole Presley.

For all this, plus much more, log on to www.dapperfm.co.uk from 8 till 10pm (UK time) on Tuesday 1st May.

Clint Iguana

Sir Real presents The Mouth of God LIVE tonight at 10pm GMT on Music World Radio > Good enough to eat!

Happy thursday all :-)

It’s thursday night…it’s ten’o’clock…and once again it’s time for the Mouth of God! Presented by me, Sir Real…with, as you might expect, a fine selection of wrongness, weirdness, beauty, cosmic anthems, acid rock, deviant disco, mutant techno, funny talk and hoo-haa…

Tonight’s theme is “Good enough to eat!”…pretty self-explanatory really, will be playing songs all about food, drink, eating and drinking in general, or in fact anything that you might want to put in your mouth ;-) Suggestions and requests are welcomed in the shoutbox as always, although as usual I can’t promise that I will play them all :-)

I would be very chuffed indeed if some of you would like to join me for the journey, don’t forget to say hi – and please feel free to circulate far and wide to spread the wrongness :-)

Go to http://www.musicworldradio.com/ to listen…

Also, have uploaded two new podcasts for your listening pleasure, you can check them out here:



or here:


See you later,

Neil x

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Save Rhubarb Radio

A message from Jenny Tate:

Rhubarb Radio:

We have 6 weeks, well actually, 5 weeks now, to get some urgent funds in to save Rhubarb! Due to the resigantion of Dan Cremin, our director and funding issues, we’re having to start fund-raising ourselves, in order to continue in Jan. We’re all determined to save the station and will do whatever’s necessary, but we do need some help and support in terms of funding and involvement with fund-raising activities. We’re inviting any interest in helping us out with funds or even just funding ideas. We now have a donate button on the Rhubarb website and the fb page, which we’re inviting everyone to join. Please could we have soem more people show their support by clicking the like button or if they’re able and willing to, donating? We’d be very greateful indeed. There’s a draft press release being prepared at the mo.

Aside from that, I’m no longer working with Violet Sky and Hope.Order.Truth. so if anyone needs to contact me by phone, please use my number, which is 07887565412. They can also email me on jennytaterocks at googlemail.com or of course, contact me on here and the show fb page, which is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saturday-Rocks-with-Jenny-Tate/


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