A message from Jenny Tate:

Rhubarb Radio:

We have 6 weeks, well actually, 5 weeks now, to get some urgent funds in to save Rhubarb! Due to the resigantion of Dan Cremin, our director and funding issues, we’re having to start fund-raising ourselves, in order to continue in Jan. We’re all determined to save the station and will do whatever’s necessary, but we do need some help and support in terms of funding and involvement with fund-raising activities. We’re inviting any interest in helping us out with funds or even just funding ideas. We now have a donate button on the Rhubarb website and the fb page, which we’re inviting everyone to join. Please could we have soem more people show their support by clicking the like button or if they’re able and willing to, donating? We’d be very greateful indeed. There’s a draft press release being prepared at the mo.

Aside from that, I’m no longer working with Violet Sky and Hope.Order.Truth. so if anyone needs to contact me by phone, please use my number, which is 07887565412. They can also email me on jennytaterocks at googlemail.com or of course, contact me on here and the show fb page, which is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saturday-Rocks-with-Jenny-Tate/