Birmingham Music Network / Screen Image Network Meeting – 9th October 2017

Present: Mark Badger, Anthony Hughes, Rachel Mayfield, Mark Arnott-Job, Sarah Marshall, Monnei Lamar, Mark Malone, Joel Wilson, Ian Davies.

At The Gunmakers Arms, Birmingham

Chair: Mark
Minutes: Anthony

Introduction to BMN and overview of the meetings from 2000 to 2017.

Meetings are for anyone working in music or related activities, to promote and share knowledge

Mark (Iron Man Records, BMN, Tour Management, Music Promotion etc)

In the process of releasing Rachel Mayfield’s album Winter Of Desire on Iron Man Records.

Discussion about Tour Management and what it involves.

Monnei Lamar
Has Relocated from London, runs a Recording studio.
Predominantly Reggae. Looking for artists and others to work with in Reggae Genre.

Ian Davies
Photographer – has some work in the exhibition Show Me Your Birmingham on show at The Gunmakers Arms

Sarah Marshall
Peoples Orchestra – Based in West Bromwich

Mark Malone – (Torus – band)

Joel Wilson – Rap vocalist , cheer leader for others
Film maker
Made a film about Birmingham called “Levitate”

Rachel Mayfield
Singer /Mixed media artist
Has a passion for supporting Birmingham artists (Anchor Gallery here at Gunmakers Arms)

Is due to release an album through Iron Man Records

Show Me Your Birmingham is an Exhibition with Talks / Workshops over the next week
Lots of Birmingham based artists and performers with a pass entry for all events
Headline party next Sunday

‘Show Me Your Birmingham’
Is now in its 3rd year

The organisation is only financially supported by those attending and buying entry
The ambition is to develop this – supported by some sponsorship such as the Gunmakers Arms/Brewery supporting by providing the use of the space free.

Independence is very important

If anyone wants to also use the space for events /exhibitions or launches – please talk to the brewery

Relocating from London, Reggae is a difficult genre to promote.
This type of meeting is essential for Birmingham where knowledge can be shared., there are a lot in London but not Birmingham

It is important and Birmingham is really taking off .

The city is supporting some things but there is an assumption that people are ready to deal with the red tape associated with council funding schemes . He is encouraging better support for creatives with easier access to support and not just focused on getting people ready to move out of Birmingham to London.

* (Then followed a discussion about genres, level of knowledge of how to make money from music etc and touring other countries to find an audience)

Joel recommended midlands artists
Miss C Brown – organises international trips
Call Me Unique – organises international trips
Other musicians who know how to play the Export business.

Finding the funding to attend conventions and festivals etc

Birmingham has an amazing creative scene such as poetry / spoken word at the moment.

Birmingham has 86 poetry events just this month alone! – this is an area that is booming! Recently an event had 250 in a cafe. Other countries are interested in English speaking poetry etc

Local poets have done a lot to promote this – and in the last 10 years this has really taken off Poetry / Spoken Word

Ian Davies
Freelance photographer – Spent 15 years in London
Has started a project on ‘Brum Creatives’ photographing 30 portraits leading to an exhibition with another 30 – 40 to go
Has some photographs in the exhibition (Gunmakers Arms as part of Show Me Your Birmingham)

Joel Wilson
Produced a documentary about the Birmingham music scene
Levitate – a life in music (2014/15) – documentary  (
Commissioned by Tessa Burwood

Sarah Marshall
Peoples Orchestra
Based in Sandwell
An amateur orchestra – they perform at  flashmobs and have been on BBC as one of the top 5 amateurs in UK
75 musicians
Currently looking for drummers
Most concerts in West Brom of Bham – Mostly film music
Next week Harry Potter/Lord of the rings
Also cover metal and rock and other genres

The orchestra uses live music performance and has another role helping people into work by volunteering and getting them involved , building their skills

Majority Grant funding

Has also started looking at orchestra processes and procedures (Selling tickets/ networking effectively) and so has launched free ticketing and network . An online shop etc – no fees – open to all creative people to use

Artists can load up work and have a profile online . Start projects etc. Has an exchange/ Skills swap / market place etc

Originated as part of Birmingham city council intranet

Insurance company – willing to offer flexible insurance with additions to policy without negotiating a new policy.

Mark Malone – (Torus – band)
Was based in London and studied there.
relocated to Birmingham
Plays guitar – formed Taurus 3.5 years ago
Has been signed to an independent label – getting 30k streams on spotify

Looking for Tour promotion and Management

Looking for bassist for the band, gigs and tour lined up – contact via

Rehearse at Muthers

Mark recommended Hellfire studios and or Framework Studios.
And a booking agent

Joel Wilson

Film production projects

Interested in supporting local musicians and artists
Has made a local film with 4 projects aimed at getting Churches involved in becoming patrons of the arts

Christian artists working in a variety of unusual works/artworks etc

Locally working with a few bands trying to support by making music videos

As a musician – working on two projects A rap project (EP) rapping from the perspective of future grandchildren

Made videos for label
Strange Ghost (band)

Suggested find patrons to support labels and projects which helps to support individual projects
financial support


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