Beach Party 2009 10 days non-stop from the 21st til the 31st of May

Hi.. the beach party is sorted for this year.. Another 10 days non-stop from the 21st til the 31st of May. Lineup so far is. Jerome Hill, Chris Liberator, HueJahFink, Warlock, NoYeahNo, Miss Pink, Bigga, Dead Man Walking, Savage Rehab, Louise+1, Billy the Kid, Unlikely, DubWreka, Controlled Wierdness, Lusinda, Skarper, Da Boogie, Dom the Bong + many more. Also daily open decks sessions…Gonna be the bollox…again :).. check unsound website for details . we got a couple of network links… Bruno Unsound on facebook and unsoundsystem666 on myspace..or get in touch through             beachparty2009 @          cheers lee

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  1. Tsholo

    hi my name is Tsholo I live at Krugersdorp, last year in our township there was a beach party and so many people attended the beach party it was nice having something in our own town, instead most of the biggest partys are held at Soweto which ofcourse many celebrities come from, now rumour from someone I know is saying that the beach party is coming back again, I would like to know if it is true and when I would love to attend it again

    Your sincerly


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