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Birmingham & Black Country Music Network Minutes Thurs 3rd December

BCMN Minutes

Thursday 3rd December 2009


Andy Derrick – Sostenuto LLP, – info@sostenuto.org.uk

ADJQ – Jazz fusion quartet – www.adjq.co.uk

Steve Rubenstein – performer of 40 years experience, solo performer – orangepip@south66.fsnet.co.uk

Rob Heaton – Routes To Music graduate, starting a freelance music business, HNC in music production, choral singer looking to develop music production business – bert@wanderful.plus.com

Ken Banks – Co-owner and director of Major Key Studios, foundation degrees for University of Wolverhampton, studio space, TV and live sound recording/production, talent search ‘Captured’ Fridays at the The Public – performance recorded video and edited sound, 32 channel recording with SSL Desk.  Producing a live performance recording for the Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra – ken@majorkeystudios.com

David Blakemore – Routes To Music graduate – Winchester University graduate in creative industries – plays guitar, writes music – david_blakemore@hotmail.com

Dale and TracyMASCA – duet performing worldwide covers and original music – acoustic/electric rock – mascamusic@live.co.uk

Belle Sorelle – Hannah Smith, Gemma Parr, Patsy Parr, Bella Bennewith – samparr@parrmarketing.co.uk



Andy Derrick – Sostenuto LLP runs the Black Country Music Network and chairs the meetings, runs the website http://blackcountrymusicnetwork.wordpress.com

ADJQ – Next gig Fri 11th December, Rush Hour Blues, Symphony Hall Foyer Bar, Broad Street, Birmingham – 5.30pm – www.adjq.co.uk – looking for live bookings of this dynamic and award winning group.

Steve Rubenstein – looking for publishing of original songs –

www.taxi.com was suggested as a way of putting your songs forward for possible inclusion in a variety of products from records, tv programmes, web media and computer games.  Discussion on royalties and what to do followed, people referred to http://www.andyderrick.co.uk for some free articles on PRS and PPL and also to www.prsformusic.com

Belle Sorelle – 4 girl band recently appeared in X Factor going through to the boot camp.  After a series of high profile local and charity events with Bev Bevan and Robert Plant, they are now looking for songwriters interested in writing for Katy Perry / Pink girl band sound.  Contact them at samparr@parrmarketing.co.uk or Julie@parrmarketing.co.uk or visit www.bellesorelle.co.uk

Rob Heaton – looking for opportunities, job experience, internships in radio production, live sound production.  About to start training as a radio volunteer at WCR in Wolverhampton but keen to know of other studio opportunities available.

Masca – Built a reputation as a function act and originals band all over the world in many settings.  Now based again in the UK, they are looking for live music opportunities in the Midlands for their Electric/Acoustic Duo – www.masca.co.ukmascamusic@live.co.uk

The Black Country Music Network is next meeting on the following dates

Thursday 21st January 2010 – 4pm

Thursday 11th February 2010 – 4pm

Thursday 4th March 2010 – 4pm

All meetings take place at Major Key Studios, The Public, West Bromwich

The Black Country Music Network is run by Sostenuto LLP – www.sostenuto.org.uk – an organisation dedicated to supporting and advising the creative industries.

The network is supported by Ken Banks and Phil Savage of Major Key Studios based at The Public who provide us with free meeting space and refreshments.

www.majorkeystudios.com – Visit their website to see more about the services and facilities on offer at their studios, the live music performance opportunities and their work helping to support the music industry in the Black Country – many thanks guys.

How does Iron Man Records choose it’s artists and how does it promote them?

An article about Iron Man Records, Birmingham writtten by JANINE LABUSCAGNE BA (HONS) Media & Communication, University of Central England, 2007.

“…..There are two kinds of music – good music and bad music.  Good music is music that I want to hear.  Bad music that I don’t want to hear” Fran Lebowitz, Metropolitan Life, 1978

The objective of this study discusses promotional strategies generated by the independent record label, Iron Man Records.  The research examined the use of the Internet as a free marketing tool and how traditional methods of running a label did not have an affect on Iron Man.  Discussing this, I examined the theoretical areas of music industries, promotion and punk in order to understand and gain a solid background for the development of my research.

Conclusions are then put forward after conducting a participant observation, that social networks play the biggest part in promotion for the label.  Findings throughout the research have been put forward about the different strategies used in the process of online promotion, as well as more general suggestions for further research.

‘De muziek is de geleende creativiteit en motivatie in ons leven’ (translated from Dutch), music is the borrowed creativity and motivation in our lives.  The music industry has had one of the biggest influences in our lives and on our culture.  An example of this would be Wall (2003) and Anderson’s (2006) statements which look at popular music as the: “soundtrack to our lives” (2003; 1) and that “we are consumed by hits – making them, choosing them, talking about them, and following their rise and fall” (2006; 2).  The world of the music industry is one which has been forced to make changes because of the constant development of new technologies.  These changes are in order to keep fans consuming the product that is for sale – music.  Britain is a nation of music lovers and we buy more music than any other country – four units per capita each year (IFPI Recording Industry in Numbers 2002).

The music genre known as punk, has been around since the late 1960s, when unemployment was a prominent social feature in Britain.  It would appear that we are currently witnessing a re-evolution of the music industry and punk’s DIY (do-it-yourself) ethos within independent record labels.  Beyond the development and creation of music, technology has created an impact on the production, distribution, and consumption of ‘Iron Man Records’ music.  “Record companies see the other media as promotional avenues for their music” (Wall 2003; 111).  There are many new and different social networks such as MySpace, MOG and Flickr which will be one of the main areas of focus for the research.  These social networks have evolved on the Internet and the trend displayed by many bands in choosing independent record labels, such as Iron Man Records, above major record labels demonstrates what Barrow and Newby argued about how the music industry:

“Without popular recording artists there would be no music business and without record companies there would be no musical product to be bought in the shops” (1995: 2-3).

The research question, ‘How does the punk music label, Iron Man Records, choose its artists and how does it promote them?’ is a significant topic in the industry to investigate.  The independent label has not been explored in depth before, although academics have looked at similar areas of the music industry.  The study will look at how relationships are being built between a record label, the music industry and bands.  The study also looks at what steps are being taken to promote and market Iron Man Records music. Read more here: Click link for full article on Iron Man Records

The Music Network Monthly Meeting will be at Major Key Studios on December 3rd

There will be no meeting this month of The Music Network at the TEE.

The Music Network Meeting will now be taking place on December 3rd at 4pm at Major Key Studios.

The Music Network Meeting scheduled to take place on Thursday 26th November 2009 at the TEE has been moved to Major Key Studios as Creative Networks will not be meeting again until February and we have decided to honour repeated requests for a change of location. So, for those of you still confused the details are as follows

The Music Network

Meeting date: Thursday December 3, 2009
Time: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: Major Key Studios, The Public, New Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 7PG

The Music Network is open to all

Come and Join us, 4pm til 6pm at Major Key Studios, The Public, New Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 7PG Tel: 0121 533 7137

If you have any involvement in music, come and talk about what you’re up to and meet some new people.

The Music Network organises a NETWORKING EVENT on the first Thursday of each month, for the benefit of music related businesses in the West Midlands region.

If you are a musician, work with musicians, represent musicians, have involvement with the music industry, or are looking to make new contacts the meeting will be useful to you.

If you have news to report, a presentation to give, an event to promote, any new points for discussion, a pitch to make, business cards or flyers to hand round, an appeal for help, advice or guidance or even if you just want the free tea and biscuits and some quality entertainment…you are all invited.


Warning: It’s not about computers or playing with social networks, its about talking to people face to face and Music.

Next Music Network Meeting Thursday 3rd December 2009 4pm at Major Key Studios, The Public, West Bromwich

The Dates and Location of all Music Network Meetings from November 2009 to February 2010 are as follows:

Thursday 3rd December 2009 – Major Key Studios, The Public, New Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 7PG Tel: 0121 533 7137

Thursday 5th January 2010 – Major Key Studios, The Public, New Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 7PG  Tel: 0121 533 7137

Thursday 4th February 2010 –  Major Key Studios, The Public, New Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 7PG  Tel: 0121 533 7137

The next free Routes to Music workshops are:

Monday 23rd November 7.15pm – 8.45pm – Committee Room A, West Bromwich Town Hall, High Street, West Bromwich

Wednesday 25th November 7pm – 9pm – Wollaston Studio, Stourbridge Town Hall, Crown Centre, Stourbridge

Monday 30th November 7.15pm – 8.45pm – Committee Room A, West Bromwich Town Hall, High Street, West Bromwich

The MUSIC NETWORK meetings will be taking place in cooperation with Black Country Music Network on the first Thursday of every month from  4pm at the offices of Major Key Studios at the Public in West Bromwich. more info here: http://blackcountrymusicnetwork.wordpress.com/The meetings will be hosted by Andy Derrick and Sostenuto LLP.

Sostenuto LLP is a partnership of creative workers bringing their collective experience and knowledge together under one organisation to help sustain music industry activity in the West Midlands and beyond.

Headed by experienced practitioners in the creative industries, Sostenuto LLP provides expert advice and support for music businesses small and large, delivers funded projects and helps the local music industry to network.

Routes To Music is an innovative new programme of workshops and support giving the unemployed and economically inactive an opportunity to gain an insight into developing their interest in many aspects of the music industry.

Through a series of workshops taking place in the Black Country attendees can find out more about how the music industry works, what the potential career paths are, strategies for success and how to set about developing a music act, product, skill or interest. Each workshop focuses on a specific aspect of music industry. Attendees can participate in some or all of the workshops as appropriate with those attending the complete programme gaining the most from this project in terms of experience and insight.

Our programme of workshops aim to cover many different aspects of the music industry and form part of a series that learners can gain much from.

Our next free workshops are:

Monday 23rd November 7.15pm – 8.45pm – Committee Room A, West Bromwich Town Hall, High Street, West Bromwich

Wednesday 25th November 7pm – 9pm – Wollaston Studio, Stourbridge Town Hall, Crown Centre, Stourbridge

Monday 30th November 7.15pm – 8.45pm – Committee Room A, West Bromwich Town Hall, High Street, West Bromwich

All Routes To Music sessions are run by Sostenuto LLP and staffed by experienced professionals from the music and creative industries with a background in education work.

To sign up for any of our free sessions, email info@sostenuto.org.uk or text 07595 663966
leaving your name, address, phone number and where possible, your email address

*To qualify for a free place you must be unemployed and between the ages of 16 – 65

The Black Country Music Network is aimed at organisations, business, traders and individuals in and around the music industry in the black country. The event aims to provide those attending with a forum for discussion, asking for help and advice, meeting and connecting with new partners and collaborators or just to discover more about their local scene
It takes place on the first Thursday of each month from 4pm to 6pm at Major Key Studios, The Public, New Street, West Bromwich. If you want to come along, please email info@sostenuto.org.uk to reserve your free place.

To find out more, please visit the BCMN website:

The Black Country Music Network is a place for anyone working or studying in the music business to come and meet and have a dialogue with others.

Meeting on the first Thursday of every month from 4pm at the offices of Major Key Studios at the Public in West Bromwich

Anyone from music student, solo performer and songwriter to sound engineer, publisher, and producer can attend and network for free.

Whether you want to find out things, source local collaborations or make announcements, the Black Country Music Network is ideal for providing a forum for musicians and music businesses of all genres, experience and backgrounds.

The Glee Club Live Music Listings Autumn 2009

0871 472 0400 www.glee.co.uk | +18



IAN BROUDIE (Lightning Seeds) & JAMES WALSH (Starsailor)
Our big new announcement is that we shall be welcoming a very special double-headline show on Tuesday 1st December with IAN BROUDIE of The Lightning Seeds and JAMES WALSH of Starsailor.

Ian Broudie is a prolific musician and producer (for The Coral and The Zutons) and leader of The Lightning Seeds, famed for their hits Pure, The Life Of Riley, Lucky You, You Showed Me and Three Lions. Starsailor’s songs have always been awash with timeless, perfectly sculpted melodies – all underpinned by James Walsh’s fragile, soaring vocals.

CODEINE VELVET CLUB (Jon Lawler – Fratellis)
Codeine Velvet Club – a new outfit from Jon Lawler of The Fratelli’s – which exudes a Sixties-inspired sound that’s equal parts Phil Spector’s teenage symphonies and John Barry’s sharp 007 soundtracks shall be with us on December 7th! Their debut single ‘Vanity Kills’ is out on November 23rd through the legendary Island Records, with the album to follow.



ADRIAN EDMONDSON & THE BAD SHEPHERDS (classic punk tracks in a folk persuasion!)
+ Ella Edmondson

MARK EITZEL (American Music Club)
+ Franz Nicolay (The Hold Steady)
New album Klamath out now. Written and recorded in a log cabin in the middle of the woods by the Klamath river, California. The pastoral, laid back, late night sparse feel to the album harkens back to Eitzel’s folk influences of Nick Drake and John Martyn and earlier work with AMC. “It’s gorgeous and every bit as good as those early American Music Club records” THE INDEPENDENT

Mark has previously been awarded ‘Songwriter Of The year’ and ‘Album Of The Year’ by Rolling Stone magazine. American Music Club played a wonderful show at The Glee in support of their highly acclaimed ‘The Golden Age’ album. We hear Mark shall also be bringing another CD available to buy at shows.

GET A TASTER www.markeitzel.infohttp://markeitzel.blogspot.com


Mon 09 Nov
The High Llamas + Soy Un Caballo (featuring Simon Tong – The Verve)

Wed 11 Nov
Birmingham Jazz present:
Steve Tromans Debop Band: The Last Words of Victor Jara

Thu 12 Nov
Emily Maguire (studio)
(previous guest to Roddy Frame)

Fri 13 Nov (studio)
Martha Tilston + Dan Arborise

Sun 15 Nov
Great Lake Swimmers & Sleeping States
(bring their ‘Ambient Zen Americana’ back to Glee)

Tue 17 Nov
Foy Vance

Thu 19 Nov (studio)
Blue Roses (Laura Groves)

Mon 23 Nov
The Leisure Society
(The Sleeper re-released 05 Oct as 2cd edition)

Tue 24 Nov
Lou Rhodes + John Smith

Please visit www.glee.co.uk for a full-page of info. on every artist including extra web links plus as many legal freebies as we can find.

Log into the My Bookings section of www.glee.co.uk with your email and booking password and head to My Performers. Tick the boxes next to your favourite artists & we’ll send you a free alert every time one of them plays the Glee. We’ll be constantly updating the list.

Fri 27 Nov (studio)
Dan Whitehouse + Vashti Anna + Michael Clarke

Sun 29 Nov
Thea Gilmore

Tue 01 Dec
Ian Broudie (The Lightning Seeds) & James Walsh (Starsailor)

Thu 03 Dec (studio)
Ella Edmondson

Sun 06 Dec
Reggie Watts – US Supercomic!
Seeing is believing! “Reggie is the man. He’s a one man comedy, beat box phenomenon.” NY Press www.reggiewatts.com

Mon 07 Dec
Codeine Velvet Club
New band by Jon Lawler of The Fratelli’s. Debut single – Vanity Kills – out Mon 23 Nov (Island Records).
“They conjure up a Sixties-inspired sound that’s equal parts Phil Spector’s teenage symphonies and John Barry’s sharp 007 soundtracks”
Album on Spotify from Mon 16 Nov.

Wed 09 Dec
Ben Howard (recent guest to Fink)

Sun 13 Dec – SOLD OUT
Candy Box Burlesque

Tue 02 Mar 2010
Tom McRae
(re-scheduled from 05 Oct. All original bookings still valid)

Sun 23 May
Po’ Girl

A few additional mentions for friends who are playing round and about

Fri 06 Nov
Beth Jeans Houghton
Hare & Hounds

Sat 07 Nov
Portico Quartet + Sweet Billy Pilgrim
CBSO Centre

Wed 02 Dec
Capsule 10th Birthday Concert
Tunng, Six Organs Of Admittance & more
Town Hall www.thsh.co.uk

Fri 11 Dec
Scott Matthews + Jo Hamilton
Town Hall www.thsh.co.uk

Wed 16 Dec
Imelda May
Town Hall www.thsh.co.uk

Mon 19 April 2010
Melody Gardot
Symphony Hall www.thsh.co.uk

B5 4TD


SOME GREAT AUTUMN COMEDY TOUR SHOWS STILL TO COME – see www.glee.co.uk for full listings

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