Andy Roberts – Birmingham Music and ongoing work to promote it

For a while now, Andy Roberts has been blogging about Birmingham Music here, take a look.

While you are at it, have a look at In The Belly – Birmingham Music Podcast up now for free

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  1. Shelley Atkinson

    Hi andy

    I Have contacted the fly, regarding getting a feature on Jo Hamilton, a Bham based artist, currently residing in Moseley.
    Receiving critical acclaim from the industry and other cities, but it would be great to get her some more local/ grass roots support.
    Is there any possibility of you writing a piece/ interviewing/ highlighting through fly/ mentioning/ including in a podcast/ generally supporting?
    I would be happy to send you a copy of Jo’s debut album…her website is the following:

  2. Andy Roberts

    Hi Shelley, thanks for getting in touch

    I’d be glad to feature Jo, I’ve known her music for a while.
    Email me at and we can talk dates and what not.

    Take care,
    PS thanks for the plug again Mark

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