The Music Network Meeting Minutes June 2011


Anthony Hughes, Andy Derrick: Sostenuto, BMN, Stourbridge Music Network, Adrian Kimberlain – Exit Recording
Sue Nichols (Glenn Tifford) etc, Tony – Music LEader coordinator.  Ashley – Wolverhampton (Music tech course looking for contacts)John Webb

Apologies : Mark (Ironman Records)

Andy: ‘Pledge Music’ – people can pledge money towards music related projects. Similar to artists share. No minimum buy-in.
Value Added products.

Pledge works with a British Bank Account. Proportion amount goes back into the org and a percentage goes to charity.

Adrian: Opened up a discussion around twitter/social media etc and it’s uses

Sue Nichols: used to work in the music industry – looking at moving into WEB design. Looking for contacts in web design who design for Music Industry who may offer a work experience. she has a wealth of experience in the music industry and wants to utilise it in new media. She has trained in HTML, CSS etc.

Andy – Suggested first have a look at the free tools such as wordpress etc

Sue is also a Bass player – looking to get back into playing. Perry Barr based. Looking for live music (POP/Rock) to play with.

Jazz sessions at Base Studios – Every month?
Tower of song – Stirchley?
The Roadhouse
Etc – Open Mic Nights
Station, Hare & Hounds, Bulls Head Moseley

Ant: try The Stage, Music Jobs and Star Now website for opportunities like stage production musicians, cruise ships bands etc – a wide range.

for websites or bass player.;

Tony: Works with a variety of bands all starting college in Sept and wants to set up web pages, youth record label etc to support the bands he has worked with.

Andy: WordPress also has a paypal code for selling online – could be useful.

John: Asked about setting up a paypal facility – how to set it up on a website?

Try a ready mad plug-in such as wordpress.
Try Ditto music etc to sell  and be itunes registered

Spence – Keiserchiefs model – recorded 20 tracks then host 20 tracks and the customer picks the tracks they want on their album and the cover which you can then sell to others at a % .as a producer/ label

TONY: 23rd July – Cliffton Youth Centre, Sutton Coldfield – a youth music festival

Ashley: Producer (technical side of production, music tech course) sound engineering, producing – wide range of services.

looking for work experience.

Produces electronic (AphexTwin, Jim Jam Jar , DJ (Andy C) etc) music and piano music.

try music xray, broadjam

GDC, Games industry etc


Spencer Cater:
Enterprise coach – Pathways to enterprise funded till end of 2012
helping those wishing to set up a business.
Free assistance. Must have a Black country Post code.


Songwriter looking to collaborate. All genres wishing to work with

looking for sync and licensing opportunities.


GrooveZoo – interesting online music resource and collaborative song development. – video etc

sir mango chutney radio show – 8-10 Tuesday

Big thanks to Dave Taylor and the team for their support.