The Music Network Meeting Minutes 28th July 2011


Andy, sostenuto,

Robin radio2go, pilot project, programming data on an internet radio station.

Anthony – video production company using creative media content

Analise – singer/rapper

Tony – youth centre project live bands

Simon walker – blues guitarist from Sutton, gig committee at the youth centre, teaching

Jenna – gig committee, promotion

Adrian Kimberlin – exit recording working with local

Guillaume – producer, dj, composer, tour management.

Mike co run reduction records, direct music and promo videos

John  works at reduction records


Jermaine – music and photography

Saurabh – sound and multimedia music technology gaduate

Anne – Freelance music journalist

Darren – working for scratch radio, head of what’s on


1) Guillaume

More opportunity in show production and tour management. Experienced working work 48-piece orchestra and irrepressible. Previously has hired vans/buses. Looking to bring together skills to work with a band in management. Mark suggested a social network to find work and opportunities working with touring musicians. Personal recommendation still the main way of obtaining work, contact previous clients and offer your suite of services. Also research similar bands and also offer your services. Also research venues and booking agents.

2) John

Reduction Records: Number of artists signed. Recently put on a night at the academy 3 but now looking for a cheaper venue for hip hop and grime. 150-250 capacity, city centre. Yardbird, hare and hounds, Flapper and Firkin, asylum 2, Waggon and horses, actress and bishop, the drum. Muthers on Rea Street has a venue, recently refurbished.

3) Darren

Scratch Radio. Darren recently joined this BCU Student/Community radio. Head of What’s On – a regular 2 hour programme. Happy to accept recordings for programming Will Vincent head of music and Darren

Live Brum are the best website for whats on info on the net. mostly Student Union and BCU supported.

4) Robin

Rhubarb Radio now lost all its funding support. Robin got involved because of his expertise in computerised radio scheduling and his love of local music. Long term goal to build a database of local new and emerging music. Currently not financially stable. Equipment very old. New website coming very soon.

Welcoming music submissions from good local music. also welcoming volunteers.

Suggested synergy with Music World Radio –

Pilot Project – for the British Library. Music conservation.

5) Tony

Just promoted a successful young music festival at Cliveden Road, Youth Centre. with 100-200 people

Gig coming up on 10th September details to follow.

Encouraged to contact Stourbridge Music Network at Base Studios

Boars Head in Kidderminster, new stage and sound system, 250 capacity room.
Frank is booking the bands looking at developing the live venue,

Developing a web site for club.

7) Anthony

Birmingham Screen Image Network starts in September 29th 4pm

Opportunities for cheap or free video for bands, contact video makers wanting to develop their portfolio. Speculative projects can work.  Recent graduates with start ups offer cheaper services.

Next meeting is Thursday 29th September @4pm
Send stuff for the website to the information is then bookmarked and shared via twitter feed and appears on the website.