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    Birmingham Music Heritage – Untold Stories revisits Birmingham during the period of 1965 – 1985 when the city dominated the world’s music scene.

    Capturing memories and stories from some of the actual people who helped pioneer Birmingham’s music industry, the venues key to its success, and an insight into the musicians and music they produced with the influence from the city’s culture on their sound.

    Over the next two years the project will be filming a series of interviews for a documentary about Birmingham’s popular music story.

    It will also be recording a number of radio interviews & podcasts for free download from the project's website which will include stories, information and photographs relating to the artists themselves. A heritage trail will also be published with the release of the project DVD for free distribution across Birmingham at a number of exhibitions also during 2010.

  • It’s all there – the story of how the children of those early post-war immigrants came up with a vital new approach to reggae, mixed, matched and mashed up… and invented whole new styles of music along the way. And right now, there’s even a third generation doing new and vital stuff. Now, with the blessing of Birmingham Music Heritage, whose commission it was, I am making it available via Sound Cloud, after the jump. Know what? I love internet publishing.

    The programme is in three parts – I built it so it would allow for a news bulletin and breaks for promos and/or ads. It’s also on offer to local community stations for rebroadcast, gratis – email me, using the link at the botton of this post, and I'll send you a DropBox invite. In the meantime, tag away to your hearts' content on the Soundcloud files
    – Robin Valk

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    Friday October 22nd
    8pm start
    @ JB’s
    Castle Hill
    £2 DOOR (All proceeds go to the venue)

    Four bands and acts from across the Midlands including Wolverhampton based band The Militants, have come together to support the venue JB’s in Dudley by holding a Friday night show in which all the proceeds will go straight to the venue. The club has recently gone into administration. All the acts have agreed to play for free. Nick J.Townsend of British band WEAK13 approached Sam the JB’s owner and asked if he could help do something.

    The event takes place on Friday October 22nd at JB’s in Dudley “We are asking everyone who has had a great time because of JB’s to come down and support the club. We also are expecting some of the bigger bands who have played there in the past to take a stand and step in as this is the club that helped their careers”. Nick added

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