The Music Network is open to all on Thursday 27th May 2010 4pm til 6pm at Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham, B4 7XG. The Meeting will be lead this month by Mark Badger

The Music Network, Birmingham, 2008

The Music Network organises a NETWORKING EVENT on the last Thursday of each month, for the benefit of music related businesses in the West Midlands region. If you have any involvement in music, come and talk about what you’re up to and meet some new people.These Networking events are about all things music in the region. They’re about helping you to teach yourself how to do it, by yourself, for yourself and encourages you to share the knowledge with others so they can do the same.  If you are a musician, a student, someone who works with musicians, represents musicians, has involvement with the music industry, or are looking to make new contacts…..the meeting will be useful.

If you have news to report, a presentation to give, an event to promote, any new points for discussion, a pitch to make, business cards or flyers to hand round, an appeal for help, advice or guidance or even if you just want the free tea and biscuits and some serious discussion…you are invited.

You can also post in by email any news or gig dates or press release information for inclusion on the website and for distribution through the mailing list and RSS feed. More details on the website.

There will be luxury chocolate biscuits and good coffee for all. There’s food and drink afterwards supplied by the creative networks too. Please pass this invite on to Musicians you know or anyone else who you think may benefit. Come and Join us.

About Mark Badger:

Mark runs Iron Man Records, based in Birmingham England. The record label has been running since 1996 and in 2000 he set up Birmingham Music Network which is also known as just The Music Network.

Mark has organised more than 1000 gigs in and around Birmingham since 1994 using many different identities but most of them used the name Badger Promotions until 2002.

Mark plays in a band called Last Under The Sun and another called Police Bastard. He works as a tour manager and driver helping bands out on the live circuit and when he finds time he writes and maintains several music related blogs. Mark has assembled simple online strategies for established bands, like the The Orb, and countless other new bands who have asked for help.

Mark has done some lecturing at Birmingham City University as part of their Music Business degree course, and bits and pieces for the Musicians Union, Birmingham City Council, Learning and Skills Council and Advantage West Midlands.

Mark also operates a shop on ebay selling all sorts of good alternative music on cd or vinyl.

Midlands Calling?…the new opps and apps for audio broadcast
Speaker – Robin Valk 

Robin Valk is a broadcast and software consultant whose career started in the 60s at the very first Student radio station in the UK. In the 70s he worked in US Rock Radio before becoming the first DJ hired at BRMB, and in the 90s at BBC Radio 2 at Pebble Mill.

When not consulting in the UK and Europe, teaching, podcasting or blogging, Robin works on radio and music projects. He is currently working on a documentary project about the music and musicians of Handsworth, Birmingham, as well as leading a pilot project for the British Library. He is one of the most experienced Selector music programming software operators in Europe and has a ten year association with RCS New York as help author for their flagship products.

A Panel Discussion will follow Robin’s keynote presentation. We’ll be looking at the status of Radio today, where the talent that’s needed is to be found and how the digital age affects production yet offers new opportunities. We’ll examine the expanded horizons for audio broadcast platforms and how to capitalise on the perfect synergy of local music with local radio.

To join us for this FREE event, please call Dave Taylor on 0121 331 5400. Alternatively, register online at