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Question: Should arts organisations & NGOs maintain a relationship with any Corporation, Government Department, or Funding Organisation?

Question: Should arts organisations & NGOs maintain a relationship with any Corporation, Government Department, or Funding Organisation?

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Parliamentary debate on the future of Arts, Creative & Cultural Industries and Birmingham.

Parliamentary debate on the future of Arts, Creative & Cultural Industries

The first debate in the House of Commons on arts and culture in over five years took place on 19th June 2013. Given the huge economic and cultural value the sector generates, how important to the government is the future? Maybe the clue is in the massive turn out (See picture above). Some valuable arguments were raised, including the BBC representation of regional broadcast production and investment to the Midlands. Here is the transcript or you can cringe through the video here:

If you are interested to read how some people perceive, research and formulate recommendations for the growth of the Independent Music Sector in Birmingham, read through this document: Does Birmingham punch below its weight? Research and recommendations for growth of the Independent Music Sector in Birmingham by Councillor Ernie Hendricks, James Burkmar, Kevin D’Costa. It has only taken three years of emails, phone calls, and meetings to chase down and read a copy of this, but read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

And if you want more, to put some context around what’s been going on over the years, have a read of this, it’s an eye opener. Birmingham: How to kill a city – The Economist http://goo.gl/fb/pZgKq  – Britain’s planning laws all too often restrict and prevent investment which might create economic growth. It is worth remembering occasionally that things were once even worse. For proof of that, see this fascinating post on Birmingham’s economy in the 1950s and 1960s, by Henry Overman, of the LSE’s Spatial Economics Research Centre. It’s worth reading. A shorter version here: http://www.economist.com/blogs/blighty/2013/05/birmingham

More articles worth reading and discussing can be found here: https://birminghammusicnetwork.com/strategy/

The English Folk Dance and Song Society opens applications for creative artist residencies

The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) has launched a new scheme offering creative residencies at its London base.

The initiative is open to individuals or groups who want to explore their creative potential and the English traditions by undertaking a residency at Cecil Sharp House to research and develop new work.

The creative residencies are open to professional artists across all sectors – from classical composers and contemporary dancers to poets, musicians or visual artists – not just those working within the folk arts.

EFDSS is keen to hear from artists who are interested in exploring the potential of working cross-genre, cross-arts, or cross-culture to create work that has the potential to go on tour. Continue reading

Destination Birmingham. Birmingham A Music City Scrutiny Report

In 2010 Birmingham’s Independent Music Industry was asked to answer 10 Questions.

In May 2011 UK Music published “Destination: Music” the first study of its kind to scope the economic contribution of music festivals and major concerts to tourism throughout the UK. You can read all about it at http://www.ukmusic.org/news/post/147-music-tourists-contribute-at-least-864m-a-year-to-the-uk-economy

After May 2011 Emma Williamson (Group Overview and Scrutiny Manager) & Baseema Begum (Research & Policy Officer) at the Scrutiny Office of Birmingham City Council got in touch. Emma & Baseema sent through several documents that asked a number of interesting questions. Rather than try to answer the questions on your behalf, The Music Network decided to pass the questions on to you direct.

In October 2011 The Music Network asked Another 10 Questions.

The Music Network hope the discussion will continue. We have collected together your opinions, consultation and research here in the Strategy category.

In February 2012 An email and Scrutiny Report Document was sent to us by Baseema Begum, Research & Policy Officer, Scrutiny Office, Birmingham City Council. The email read as follows: Continue reading

Mark from Iron Man Records on Funding Creativity, Birmingham and A Thousand Envelopes

Mark Sampson from Iron Man Records and Birmingham Music Network talks to Andy Ward and Pete Rhead at Musoplex about Funding Creativity, Birmingham and A Thousand Envelopes.

Mark is based in Birmingham, England and runs an independent record label called Iron Man Records. He set up the Birmingham Music Network in 2000, and organised gigs in Birmingham as Badger Promotions between 1992 and 2002. Mark spends much of his time helping musicians, and music based organisations, to deploy a more effective online strategy, and sometimes he gets asked to speak about social media and its use in promoting new music. Mark is a musician and currently plays in a band called Last Under The Sun, and another one called Police Bastard. Mark offers Tour Management and Driving for touring bands and has spent many hours driving musicians all over Europe. He has also done some lecturing at Birmingham City University as part of their Music Industry Skills degree course. Mark enjoys a good game of mental chess with local funding organisations who try and pocket most of the money intended for struggling local musicians and creatives and spends his time complaining about everything else. If something happens and you need help, you know where to find him.

Mark has worked with Seasick Steve, Anthrax, Mika, Killing Joke, House of Pain, Talib Kweli, Little Barrie, Congo Natty, Gorillaz, Brand New Heavies, The Enemy, Friendly Fires, Okkervil River, The Wild Mercury Sound, Sierra Maestra, Jay Reatard, The Nightingales, Ivo Papasov, Endbutt Lane, The Rakes, Crystal Castles, The Magistrates, Bullet for my Valentine, The Orb, Barry Adamson, Soulsavers, As I lay Dying, Roisin Murphy, Police Bastard, Dufus, Arrows, Taio Cruz, Ladytron, Son de la Frontera, Jeffrey Daniel, Johnny Foreigner, Xova, Johnny 2 Bad, The Moons, The Lines, Phantom Limb, and many others…..

If you have an opinion you want to share please email Andy Ward at Musoplex (mail@musoplex.com), He would be interested to film your thoughts and ideas too.

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