The Music Network – 4pm Thursday 25th February 2010, Birmingham T.E.E, Millennium Point. All Invited

The Music Network is open to all on Thursday 25th February 2010 4pm til 6pm at Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham, B4 7XG. The Meeting will be lead this month by Andy Derrick

The Music Network, Birmingham, 2008

The Music Network organises a NETWORKING EVENT on the last Thursday of each month, for the benefit of music related businesses in the West Midlands region. If you have any involvement in music, come and talk about what you’re up to and meet some new people.These Networking events are about all things music in the region. They’re about helping you to teach yourself how to do it, by yourself, for yourself and encourages you to share the knowledge with others so they can do the same.  If you are a musician, work with musicians, represent musicians, have involvement with the music industry, or are looking to make new contacts the meeting will be useful.

If you have news to report, a presentation to give, an event to promote, any new points for discussion, a pitch to make, business cards or flyers to hand round, an appeal for help, advice or guidance or even if you just want the free tea and biscuits and some quality entertainment…you are invited.

You can also post in by email any news or gig dates or press release information for inclusion on the website and for distribution through the mailing list and RSS feed. More details on the website.

There will be luxury chocolate biscuits and good coffee for all. There’s food and drink afterwards supplied by the creative networks too. Please pass this invite on to Musicians you know or anyone else who you think may benefit. Come and Join us.

Andy Derrick is an independent freelance musician based in Birmingham, UK.  Andy used to work for the Musicians’ Union delivering front line services and advice to musicians of all genres, experience and backgrounds.

Andy’s main work is as a trombonist in many groups playing Jazz, big band, classical and other kinds of music.  He has also worked in studios as a session musician providing horn tracks for writers and composers.

Since 1992 Andy has written and arranged music and he currently has works published by Warwick Music and Andek Music.

Teaching jazz, trombone and music theory is also a passion that sees Andy working with pupils of all ages and standards across the Midlands.

In 2004 Gerd Leonhard, Music Futurist, wrote a piece called “Music Like Water – the inevitable music ecosystem” you can read it here

In 2007 Andrew Dubber wrote about Music Like Water again here

In 2010 Music Like Water appeared here

and Andy’s Derrick’s latest 2010 blog post is called “Water isn’t like Music” you can read it here

your comments and opinions invited


  1. courtney burke

    hello i came across this musical network. I have recently moved up here from leicester because of work at the nec.I am currently looking for furthur work in a studio in birmingham. I have previous qualifications in creative music and sound engineering level 3 with a higher edjuication certificate. I have experience in working in a majority of studios around leicester aswell such as the watershed,Soft touch and ecowage.


  2. Rob Heaton

    Hi, Can I suggest you keep the meeting part of proceedings short & to the point & leave more time for networking, because there’s been little to no time for networking at the last 2 meetings that I attended. I would suggest that if anyone needs any specific advice & guidance that this is dealt with on a 1-2-1 basis, maybe as a separate ‘clinic.’
    Cheers, Rob

  3. Mark Badger

    The plan is to finish early this month in response to your suggestion. I think more time for Networking could be useful. Thanks for the comments Rob

  4. Mart Mullan

    Could anyone put me in contact with an indie band to share a gig with Changing Horses in Birmingham.

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