Knife Crime

Hi my name is Carl and i have written and produced a song called people need to stop knife crime. The song is aimed at reducing knife crime across Birmingham and gives parents, teachers and the general public an insight into why people commit knife crime and offers the youth a way out. The CD is on sale at Hard to find records .com and Swordfish Records Temple street Birmingham city centre. I WOULD BE GRATEFUL IF YOU COULD SHOW AN INTEREST AND SUPPORT THE CAUSE. I would like to sell the CD from community centers, schools and youth centers AND NEED SOME PR to get the ball rolling. Thanks from Carl Martin 07504 148064  ezekudo @

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  1. Stiletto Promotions

    I would just like to thank Zak for all of his support over the past 12 months, it has been invaluable.

    I would also like to apologise for the S.O.P.H.I.E. gig on Sunday. Unbelievably were were actually sabotaged! The manager, Mandy, has a personal vendetta against myself I have now found out, this is due to the fact that I did not put “Sid” who works for her (large trannie who works the door) on our flyer! As ridiculous as that!

    It transpires that people were turned away at the door, told on the day it had been cancelled when enquring over the phone, I had to go out and find a mixing desk, mics and mic stands, and on the day she told me the bass speakers had blown! It was a disastrous day, ending up with 2 of her doorman starting a fight with Mark, one of our regulars!

    It is an absolute disgrace! Unfortunately, it isn’t me she has affected but Sophie’s family, all of the performers and DJs that gave their services for free on Sunday and the people that paid to get in!

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