The Cubans Release New AA single and Remastered Album on RAVEN:

Wolverhampton’s brightest independents The Cubans release a new AA single and remastered album through our friends at Musoplex (the new home of the legendary Framework studios and top producer Si Reeves).

The single, released on 24th May, has received a warm preliminary reception and got its first airing on the BBC WM Introducing show with Daz Hale.

The band and Si were interviewed by Central TV last week.

The band launched the single and album at The Varsity in Wolverhampton on Saturday night (24th May) with support from other Musoplex favourites Duller in Colour and more.

Musoplex (just off J2 of the M5) supplied all the support any band needs to get started on the road….the audio studio, the producer, the photographer, the photographic studio, the video stage, the sleeve concepts and design, logistics and printing, registration and finally, to complete the puzzle – a bona-fide label. John Czerepaninec – The Cubans manager – said ‘the guys have been fantastic and as a manager I can say they have taken a lot of the pressure off me during this period of the band’s development – Si, Pete and Andy have all provided incredible support and are a joy to work with’.

Out Sat 24th May

Musoplex and Raven: (merchandise and hard copy sales) (merch and hard copy) (downloads – from 77p)

The Cubans