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Live Brum have just Launched the most comprehensive listings site in Birmingham and the RSS feed provided is now embedded in The Music Network site, you can embed it in your site too. Live Brum aims to list every live performance event at every venue in Birmingham UK. You can find events by genre, venue, date or keyword search and comment on any event.

Live Brum is editorially independent from all venues, organisations, bands, & promoters except where explicitly stated otherwise.

Harmonising event data across Birmingham

More than just a website, the Live Brum plan is to accept data in any format (web, email, flyers, word of mouth, etc) and then publish it in a range of standard formats that others can do new exciting things with. Options include:

Feeds everywhere

Subscribe to feeds for today’s events (refreshes daily) or to events on a particular day. Subscribe to events at a particular venue or events in a particular genre. Subscribe to comments about a particular event or all comments sitewide if you want to see what everyone else is saying.

Embed content in your own web page or blog

You can embed both individual events and listings in your own site or blog. Just copy and paste the supplied code and, You Tube style, the information will automatically be embedded on your site. For general Live Brum enquiries please email Josh Hart at

Live Brum Event information

Live Brum are delighted to receive information about events you would like added to Live Brum.

Please submit event information to

Please include as many of the following details as possible:

  • Event Title
  • Event description
  • Event Date(s) and Time(s)
  • Website link to event information
  • Website link to book tickets
  • An event image
  • Any other external links (such as a performers website)

If you would like to be able to add your own events directly to Live Brum then please get in touch.

If you are supplying listings, try and provide all the Event information at least by the month before so your paying punters get a chance to plan a night out!

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  1. tom martin

    The Tower of Song live music bar has live music (all styles.all ages.all welcome)6 nights a week.It has been set up and run by local artists/musicians/poets painters and as well as featuring a cross section of the current Brum music scene it also features the work of local painter Mike Browning.His murals inside the Tower of Song and the main one on the front of the building have created a unique backdrop for the live music.Visit website has been set up and run by Ken Stratford(Double bass player and organiser of the Thursday Crossroads Blues @ the Tower)There are links to other local sites set up by fellow artist Paul Nocher the man behind the Mike Stand cartoons that appear in Folk monthly.With so many gigs turning into “tribute” & Karaoke nights or closing .. the Tower of Song ihas been running as an alternative for a year and a half.

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