Birmingham Music Network Meeting – 26th June 2014


Mark Sampson
Andrian Kimberline
Sarah Ann Cromwell


YAZ : Singer Songwriter (Jazz Reggae)

Performs solo and with a band. Was working with a manager now working solo – looking for contacts /venues etc for live performer
contact: yazalexander (Youtube)


Dome Club
360 digital projected screen dome at Q club.
(Yaz runs with Mario)
A great space for creative people. Have events like Pink Floyd
Also a platform to work with creative practitioners – to create ‘full dome’ film events run each month.
also on FB

Sue Nicholls: Works with glen Tilbrook – played in bands etc
Last Edition a ska punk band based in Leicester playing 20th July – Sunflower Lounge


Question: band registration – if you find a band using the same name as one registered… (Discussion followed)

Robin Valk: Radiotogo blog. a range of topics including up and coming bands, venues and music related articles about the region.

Songwriters cafe is starting up this Autumn – run by Paul Murphy

A great venue for performers – The events are streamed

Kings Norton (Paul Murphys back garden)

Notorious Choir – run by Clare Edwards – next concert 6th July in Custard Factory Library.

City TV has merged with your tv
This could be a potential platform for local music. – Robin is trying to get them to have a focus on a younger audience to represent the region. (A local MTV)
Birmingham Day houses of parliament
Robin represented the campaign for regional broadcast. All other regions are better represented compared to license fee ratio. The campaign lobbies for better representation and production and therefore investment.

Robin wants to present a career patch progression for entries to broadcast/radio as there is no prescribed route for new talent. It needs to be better and more representative. Especially with BBC.

Morgan: Performs as a heavy ukulele artist. performs LOUD ukulele material and performance .

Has recorded an album at home on (4track cassette)

Had a good review in Ryans gig guide by Nick Townshend.

Gerard Davies:
CONtented/ ontented

Runs european project – taking creatives to countries like Poland – looking at coproduction. leading to pitching ideas to investors.

Potential co – production with Scottish TV.

There is a lot of interest in wiring with British creatives. Most participants came from the west midlands. A focus on international co-production.

Now looking at taking creatives into business.

Now looking at Innovation Fund.

ontent (FB)
contented .ney
enquiry @contented .net

Mat Ballence: – Freelance art administration works with contented and other arts

Harpreet Solhal: an Audio Engineer (Studio) has worked at Blue Whale. Looking to collaborate. Artists to work with. Logic Pro. etc.

Nina: Horus Music

Horus Music – based in Leicester. Nick Horus music distribution agency. since 2006

Placing music in iTunes / spotify etc 600 stores worldwide

Started as a label. But finding no distribution they focused on distribution. very artist focused.

Mostly digital but some physical amazon and

Digital- 2 packages
free (Good for new artists) 20% cut
Paid (100% of royalties retained) one off package – no yearly ongoing annual charges

Shakes – touch agency UK – small and large events (eg. Birmingham Carnival) 12 bar event run a monthly event called desperado – open mic for performers  sponsorship by a new mobile company and recording/ also a photo shoot

Now looking for 2015 – to get videographers/photographers on board

5th july event at Muthers Studio (next event)
shakesharris (Twitter & FB)

Stephen: Lecturer on the moving image course BCU. Does 7inch cinema still do a monthly mail out?

Dave Taylor: CN/Lecturer

Creative Networks – (Non in June,July, August – CN is back in September
The schedule of events for the rest of 2014 and 2015 will feature the 100th event.
Dave is always looking for interesting speakers. The themes are around music, media, film etc. He would like some high profile speakers for the remainder of the CN.

Any suggestions / links to good keynotes – contact Dave.

Mike Bickerton: BCU teaches on film production course. Also a musician. Photo blog: 365 photos blog (currently on 337ish)

It is a blog that posts discarded items every day. Has been noted by royal photographic society. Discarded 365.

Film Course:
Students are just about to graduate – and students are looking for experience and work placements.

1st year student has just had their 3 minute film shown in a festival in USA

BCU film production technology course – to view students work

Sound Engineering and music technology course (Run by Izzy) also has opportunities for student work placement in live and studio environments.

Every course is a science degree with an emphasis on technology. with an emphasis on festival live sound.

There may be an opportunity.