• Last Under The Sun – Fast Chaotic Hardcore Punk from Birmingham, England.

    Saturday 28th Fuk Reddin, Grosvenor, Stockwell, London

    Tuesday 7th Liwi, Leipzig, Germany
    Wednesday 8th Stumpf, Hannover, Germany
    Thursday 9th Raumstation, Frankfurt, Germany

    Saturday 11th – Kopi, Berlin, Germany
    Sunday 12th – Discentrum, Prague, Czech Republic
    Monday 13th – Club Futra, Orlova, Czech Republic
    Tuesday 14th – Biograffs, Decin, Czech Republic

    Thursday 16th – Den Barbaar, Ghent, Belgium
    Friday 17th – Venue to be confirmed, Groningen, Netherlands
    Saturday 18th – Gullugem Festival Belgium
    Sunday 19th Carlo Levi, Liege, Belgium