• Police Bastard – Dedicated (Live At AU, Frankfurt 16-10-2006)

    Label: Not On Label
    Catalog#: none
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Germany
    Released: 2009
    Genre: Rock
    Style: Punk

    Bass – Trog
    Drums – Max
    Guitar – Gizz Butt
    Vocals – Pid

    Recorded at the AU squat in Frankfurt, Germany on September 16 2006.
    This release has been released by the people of the AU as a tribute to Trogg.


    Intro (The Lie)
    Who's Side?
    Smash The Face
    Major Label Control
    Mind Siege
    Exploitation Written-By – Doom
    Dance, Be Happy!
    Kept Down
    No Justice, No Peace
    Race Hate
    Police Bastard Written-By – Doom
    Kept Down

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    Rough Kuts, Certified, Girl Fixer, Last Under The Sun, Disorder, cryo-Genics, Lazy Bastards, Murder of Crows, Obscene, One way System, Abrasive Wheels, Cock 55, Sick on the Bus, Dragster, Intention, Constant State of terror, Police Bastard, Versus, Urband Scum, Lazarus Blackstar, Geoffrey Oi!Cott, Fight Back, Visions of war, Wasted Life, Senseless, Hell Krusher, Short Bus Window Lickers, Eastfield, The Obnoxious, Hot Wired, Dun2def, Rotunda, Meathook, Nobodys Heroes, Black bombers, Dogsflesh, I am Collossus, Play Daisy, Barnyard Masturbator, Spanner, Fighting in Somebodys house

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