• From the guts of the soon to be, any minute now, world famous Blue Whale Studios comes the freshest show in all of show biz’s razzley dazzley history – In The Belly.

    You young fun pots craving the latest lubed up lug hole stimulation need roam the cyber world no longer as you are to be seduced and satiated by two of radios dopest and dopiest sonic sex pests in the whole of internetsville.

    Hash Murphy flicks the switches while Andy Roberts mumbles and mutters incoherently. It’s an un-missable, nonsensical monthly music missile that in no way whatsoever sounds like a couple of chancers fumbling about, spinning a few tunes and showing off behind a microphone.

    In The Belly brings you live session performances and banal interviews of the tastiest new acts around – Speech Fewapy Radio has foolishly allowed this to happen – can you stomach it?