• Don’t wait for The Music Network to find you, get in touch and come to our next monthly meeting.If you would like to share any News, Information and Links with The Music Network, there are ways to do it.

    1. Come to our Monthly Networking Meeting on the last Thursday of each month, 4-6pm at The BCU Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC), Millennium Point, Birmingham, B4 7XG.

    2. Send in your Links – email us your Links with a brief two or three line description for each one. Links will be bookmarked and shared.

    3. You can email your News, Information, thoughts or ideas. Send 250 words or more (text plus any links) and any photos or flyers or pictures (jpeg) with your contact details and a link to your own site or relevant page.

  • CMAT is expanding and therefore looking for four new members of staff to join its small team and requires professional, friendly and flexible individuals for these posts.

    For further information about CMAT, please visit our website: www.cmatltd.co.uk.

    Business Development Officer (full-time)

    Marketing Officer (part-time)

    Studio Engineer (part-time)

    Evening/Weekend Receptionist (part-time)