• Mission Print started way back in 1995 in the spare bedroom of a shared house in Balsall Heath. Screens were washed out in the shower, artwork was penned by hand, tshirts dried with a heat gun and deliveries made by bike. After a few months of waking up to the smell of solvents my house mates encouraged me to move into a low rent unit in Digbeth (now Eastside). Over four years we grew in size, taking on more space, staff and clients. Our clients came mainly from the action sports and music business and we built a reputation on quality TShirts and stickers at a fair price. We go out of our way to look after our clients; working late in the night and on weekends, in return they have come back again and again.
    In 2000 we moved round the corner to our current location, 7000 sqft of Digbeth's finest factory units complete with the painted building you can see opposite. Until 1936 it was a pub called the Royal Oak and dates back to 1825.