• Filmed by a Channel 4 News (ITN) cameraman, this new footage shows the moment a policeman struck out at Ian Tomlinson during at last week's G20 demonstrations.
  • The Metropolitan Police have apologised to journalists and photographers for abusing Section 14 of the Public Order Act when they moved a group of them away from covering an operation at the memorial demo for the late Ian Tomlinson on 2nd April at Bank tube station. It has now been confirmed through witness statements that Ian Tomlinson died as a result of the repressive policing on April 1st. The police and the media have attempted to coverup the fact that Tomlinson was killed as a result of the policing on that day. Police also injured members of the press on Wednesday 1st April, resulting in a broken arm and torn ligaments for two photographers.
  • Tom Whipple quotes other examples of police misconduct during the G20 in London, arguing that an officer pushing Ian Tomlinson, the man who later died of a heart attack, was not an isolated incidence, but there was something wrong with the overall policing of the protest.
  • Police assaulted Ian Tomlinson minutes before he died
    Ian Tomlinson died on April 2st during the protests against the G20. First the police and media claimed police had been attacked by protesters when trying to safe his life. Shortly after some witnesses came forward to say that protesters had been calling on megaphones for a doctor or medic and calling 999 while a woman was providing first aid. They also said police had forcibly removed the first aider and refused to speak to the emergency operator on the phone.

    The following day, more witnesses came forward, who said they saw Ian Tomlinson being assaulted by police officers. Today the Guardian published a video corroborating these claims: Ian Tomlinson is seen walking slowly with his hands in his pockets, right in front of officers with dogs and moving away from them, when one officer seems to hit his legs with a baton and then push him, making him fall heavily to the ground.