• The Music Network meeting is open to all on Thursday 26th March 2009 4pm til 6pm at Technology and Innovation Centre(TIC), Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham, B4 7XG.

    Come and talk about music and what you’re up to and meet some new people.

    The Music Network organises a NETWORKING EVENT on the last Thursday of each month, for the benefit of music related businesses in the West Midlands region.

    If you are a musician, work with musicians, represent musicians, have involvement with the music industry, or are looking to make new contacts the meeting will be useful to you.

  • In May 1938 a concentration camp was established at Flossenbürg, in the Oberpfalz region of Bavaria, near the Czech border. This camp was originally intended for criminals, "asocial" persons, and Jews, but it grew to include political prisoners and foreign prisoners of war. The largest number of the latter were Soviets. The site was chosen for its granite hills, and prisoners were put to work in a large quarry.

    Flossenbürg was liberated by the U.S. Army on 23 April 1945. By that time, some 30,000 inmates had died in Flossenbürg and its subcamps. (Memorials at the camp state the number as over 74,000, but recent research indicates it was around 30,000.)

  • On March 20th, 1933, the SS commander and temporary police chief of Munich, Heinrich Himmler, announced the construction of the first concentration camp in Bavaria. The camp was built on the premises of the former "Royal Powder and Ammunition Factory Dachau", which was situated close to the market town of Dachau during WW I. The first detainees, who arrived on March 22nd, were political prisoners, particularly communists, and were later joined by social democrats and Jews.

    The second commander at Dachau, Theodor Eicke, who took over from Hilmar Wäckerle on June 26th, 1933, turned the concentration camp into a "school of violence" (Hans-Günter Richardi). Here, he developed the system of Nazi concentration camps and trained the guards in the relentless "Dachau spirit" (Rudolf Höß) that knew no mercy for the prisoners. Eicke's philosophy culminated in the phrase "tolerance is weakness".

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