• GEBÄUDE 9 (building no. 9), a former warehouse, is situated inside a defunct factory site on the right bank of the river Rhine.

    Since 1996, it is operated by a group of local promoters. Meanwhile, it has become vital to Cologne's vivid cultural scenery. The 500 capacity venue has established itself on the German touring circuit, attracting a lot of high profile, internationally acclaimed artists – from indie all-stars, rock legends, cutting edge dance and urban acts, to showcasing the rising talent of the future.

    The GEBÄUDE 9 premises consist of the bar room, which has a more intimate ambience, and the theater hall, where the concerts etc. take place.

  • Venue in Zurich Switzerland. The night I was there with Jay Reatard the old bass player from Celtic frost was running "Karaoke from Hell." Good sound, good people.
  • Association …e la nave va
    Le Romandie rock club
    Place de l'Europe 1a
    1003 Lausanne

    Tél // Fax +41213111719



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    For booking requests, please do not send CDs by postmail, but write an email to demo@leromandie.ch with a biography and some links to your music (like MySpace, Virb, YouTube etc…)
    It'll be cheaper, faster, better!

  • La Plateform, 4, Quai Victor Augagneur Lyon, 69003, France
    Tél. : 04 37 40 13 93
    Fax : 04 37 40 13 94

    This is the venue where jay retard played on their recent European tour. The place is fantastic, about 150 capacity but good sound and on a boat on the river.