• The UK Home Office has introduced new bureaucratic procedures for organisations that wish to invite non-EU artists and academics to the UK. As professionals committed to the principles of internationalism and cultural exchange, we are dismayed by these new regulations – which will curb our invitations to non-EU artists and academics to visit the UK for talks, artist residencies, conferences and temporary exhibitions.
  • As band and follower, we go back a long way. That’s myself and The Nightingales. Back, indeed, to their former incarnation as Birmingham punksters, The Prefects. Sullen, deadpan pioneers of the state of embryonic musicality. Caught them at Manchester’s Electric Circus in 1977 and then, numerous times, supporting The Fall. Always loved them and quietly filed them away next to Subway Sect who, likewise, seemed to marry thoughtfulness to their jagged overtones.

    They were like secret little bands and later, both would gather encouragement from a certain Mr Peel. However, that very fact also served to seal their fate. As such, The Nightingales, led by the enigmatic Rob Lloyd, now of suitably unfashionable Telford, never gained anything resembling an identifiable following.

  • Just to let you know I've reviewed the new LP and it’s now on-line.
    Ratings, as ever, out of 7 for some reason. And the way sentences get chopped up is their editing – not my writing! ; ) – Keith
  • A Set of reviews, flyers, photos and other stuff to do with The Nightingales 2009
  • Right or wrong – weak or strong

    … I'll be what I am, a solitary man. It's not that I'm absolutely friendless, it's just that nobody regularly keeps in touch with me or I with them, so oftentimes I find myself drinking alone. However, I have no qualms about this and anyway have done so quite consistantly throughout my life by choice. There's no real art to solitary drinking but in my opinion, unless you are simply one of those people that struggles in your own company, there are plenty pluses to be gained from imbibing on your Jones.

  • Photo set documenting the Police Bastard recordings made at Musoplex February and will contains all other pictures collected during 2009