Heard of Elephants is a Los Angeles based art/music collective characterized by adventurous, forward-thinking conceptual bases and a high level of technical quality. The group has been bringing together local artists and musicians to put on multimedia events in L.A for the better part of a year. The buzz around the group has maintained a steady upward trajectory and with the announcement of a monthly residency at the Unknown Theater in Hollywood and the creation of www.heardofelephants.net , the future looks interesting.

Boasting a roster of talented bands including Charts and MapsRandom Patterns, and Pride of Kenya, Heard of Elephants have established themselves as a cornerstone of the progressive music scene in Los Angeles. In addition to this, a number of iconoclastic artists are involved with the group. Information on them all can be found on the website. The group is in the process of establishing a non-profit status in the hopes of fostering a community arts organization based out of a central location. With every move, the group is redefining what it is to be a community of artists and doing away with the tired notions of expectation in indie music, both sonically and conceptually.

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