Jimmy Possession Show, 24/11/08

Autons,  Sleepwalker (Jelly Maid Music)
Circus Devils, Fuzz in the Street (Static Caravan)
A Filial, Like a Baby’s Kiss (Verge)
Panic Attract, Weather Systems (Wailing Woo)
Gunshot,  Mind of a Razor (Vinyl Solution)
The Fabulous Nobody, The Furies (Kitchen)
Artridge, Polygraph (Interlink)
Medicine and Duty, Horizontal Tracking (Foolproof Projects)
Ariel Aparicio, Jameson & Cocaine 
Thyrd Eye, My Last Time (Levelsound)
Awesome Wells, Sunday Morning (Red Deer)
PSI, Clo (Crafu Byw)

listen to the show:
Ogg: http://www.209radio.co.uk/archive/archive.php?show=jimmy&type=ogg2
MP3: http://www.209radio.co.uk/archive/archive.php?show=jimmy&type=mp3
Pod: http://podcast.209radio.co.uk/?show=jimmy

more details:

r+eb, 133 Green End Road, Cambridge, CB4 1RW, UK Come to robots: www.robotsandelectronicbrains.co.uk 

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