DFM Radio, 25th  November 2008
Hostess: Marcelle van Hoof
LISTEN LIVE online: every Tuesday between 19-22 hours CET (Dutch time) / 18-21 hours BST (UK time) 
Marcelle at: 
NOW AVAILABLE: ‘DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess Meets Her Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory’ mix album
                     Double vinyl only! (no cd and/or download) 
                     34 tracks, nearly 80 minutes 
                     On Klangbad label from Germany 
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Special: Jerry Abstract: Shitkatapult Mega Mix (Excerpt)
1. Signature tune: Jon E Cash/untitled
2nd track on b-side 12”: Kamikaze (
2. Psapp/Overlord
7’’ ep: The Monster Song (
3. Jelly Babies/Soylent Green
cd: Messthetics Greatest Hiss. Classics Of U.K. Cassette Culture D.I.Y. 1979-1982 (Volume 1) ( 
4. Sly & The Revolutionaries/Reminah Dub
split lp with Lee Perry & The Upsetters: Reminah Dub (0riginal Music)
5. L-ow/Transfer Error
12’’ ep: refelector (
6. Two Gospel Keys/I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore
lp: I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore 1927 – 1948 (Mississippi)
7. Buzzcocks/I Believe
lp: A Different Kind Of Tension (from 1979, United Artists) 
8. Leila/Little Acorns
2xlp: Blood Looms & Blooms (
9. Zomby/Spliff Dub (Sukh Knight Remix)
12’’ (white label)
10. Sleeparchive/Baryon
12’’ ep: Hadron (
11. Food For Animals/Shhhy
12. Zea/Stuck On You
lp: Hark Too! A Tribute To The Hark Album By Wim T. Schippers ( (www.tocado-com) 
13. Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker/Dream Of The Nightmare
lp: Fantasma Parastasie (
14. The Velvet Underground/I’m Sticking With You (Alternate Version)
lp: Head Held High. The Atlantic Sessions (Status Rock)
15. The Lovely Eggs/I Want To Be In Your Fire
7’’ ep: Have You Ever Heard The Lovely Eggs? (   
16. Pinch/136 Trek
12’’ (Punch Drunk)
17. Special: Jerry Abstract: Shitkatapult Mega Mix (Excerpt)
18. High Places/Gold Coin
lp: High Places (
19. God’s Gift/Discipline
cd: Messthetics #106. The Manchester Musicians Collective 1977-1982 ( 
20. Marsimoto/Hunger
cd: Spex cd #81 (
21. Al Duval/Where The Comet Falls
cd: Recluses Unite… (
22. RSD/Over It
12’’ (Tectonic)
23. Andy Moor & Anne James Chaton/Frequencies
cd: Le Journalist (
24. African Head Charge/What A Wonderful Day
lp: Pay It All Back Volume 2 (from 1988, On-U Sound)
25. Bearsuit/Itsuko Got Married
cd: Be True To Your School (
26. Kalbata feat. Clapper Priest/Saxon Londinium
12’’ ep: Solution (
27. Love.Stop.Repeat/Sunday Strolls & Miracles (OnTheFly Remix)
split 10’’ with Seven Sang: 10x10: 06 (
28. Jorg/track 9
cd/download: Lomek07 (
29. Soccer Committee & Machinefabriek/Thole 1
lp: Drawn (
30. Soccer Committee & Machinefabriek/Klauwier
lp: Drawn (
31. Can/Father Cannot Yell (Pete Shelley/Black Radio Mix)
3xlp: Sacrilege (from 1997, Mute)
32. Herman Dune/Next Year In Zion
lp: Next Year In Zion (  
33. TRG/Decisions
12’’ (
34. Toxic Lipstick/Mr McGrottom
Marcelle deejays:
28th November: Golden Pudel ClubHamburg
18th December: Fluc, Vienna
19th December: Rhiz, Vienna
29th December: Stubnitz, Amsterdam
16th January: Golden Pudel ClubHamburg
24th January: Tsunami Club, Cologne
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