DFM Radio, 18th  November 2008
Hostess: Marcelle van Hoof
LISTEN LIVE online: every Tuesday between 19-22 hours CET (Dutch time) / 18-21 hours BST (UK time) 
For INFO/REQUESTS mail Marcelle at: 
She broadcasts from home, so she might play your requested song (almost)
ARTISTS / LABELS are welcome to send their records/cd’s/mixes to:
Another Nice Mess
c/o Marcelle van Hoof
H. Coenradistraat 4 hs
1063 XR Amsterdam
NOW AVAILABLE: ‘DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess Meets Her Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory’ mix album
                     Double vinyl only! (no cd and/or download) 
                     34 tracks, nearly 80 minutes 
                     On Klangbad label from Germany 
                     20 Euros plus postage 
                     Order your copy now:
1. Signature tune: Jon E Cash/untitled
2nd track on b-side 12”: Kamikaze (
2. Zavoloka/Inhale
cd: The Wire Tapper 20 (
3. Spectre/Stone
lp: Internal Dynasty (
4. The Sticks/Exciting
split 10’’ with Hands On Heads (
5. The Sticks/On The Sea
split 10’’ with Hands On Heads (
6. Blackdown/Northside Cheng Dub
12’’ (Keysound Recordings)
7. Tapper Zukie/Green Bay Murder
lp: Tapper Roots (from 1978, Virgin Frontline)
8. One More Grain/Scarborough Fair
9. Marc Houle/Meatier Shower
2xlp: Sixty-Four (
10. The Undertones/Teenage Kicks (First Derry Demo 1978)
2xcd: An Anthology (
11. Totally Normal/Grind Your Grime
split 12’’ with Flatmate ( 
12. Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker/Hymn To The Idea Of Night
lp: Fantasma Parastasie (
13. Wounded Knee/My Wooden Cupboard (Wire Tapper Exclusive Edit)
cd: The Wire Tapper 20 ( (
14. Bearsuit/Pushover
7’’ ( release date: 24th November 2008
15. Mr. Messiah/The Dub Lab Part 2
16. Atki2/Winter Buds
Maga Bo feat. Max Normal/Homeboys
Clouds/Too Much
Ekstrak/Mass Dampers
Iron Shirt/I Gave You All My Love (Matt Shadetek’s I Gave You All My Dub Remix)
Jenny Jones/Capilano Bridge
cd: DJ/Rupture/Uproot (
17. Zea/Stuck On You
lp: Hark Too! A Tribute To The Hark Album By Wim T. Schippers ( ( 
18. Portable/Stad
12’’ ep: Distance (
19. The Undertones/Do The Fast
2xcd: An Anthology (
20. Drumsound & Bassline Smith/Maffia
21. Dub Syndicate/Mafia
lp: Strike The Balance (from 1989, On-U Sound)
22. Lloyd Parks/Maffia
23. Asian Dub Foundation/Target Practice
cd: Punkara (
24. Istari Lasterfahrer/Can’t Tek No More
12’’ ep: All Wrongs Deserved (
25. The Stooges/No Fun
lp: The Stooges (from 1972, Elektra)
26. Asian Dub Foundation feat. Iggy Pop/No Fun
cd: Punkara (
27. Sex Pistols/No Fun
7’’: Pretty Vacant (from 1977, Virgin)
28. Toddla T/Soundtape Killin (Nastee Boi Remix)
12’’ ep: Soundtape Killin (1965 Records)
28. Harry Merry feat. Natalia/Pebbles On The Beach
lp: Hark Too! A Tribute To The Hark Album By Wim T. Schippers ( ( 
29. Mundo/Low
10’’: Dub Assembly Volume VI (
30. Bow Wow Wow/C30 C60 C90 Go
7’’ (from 1980, EMI)
31. Bow Wow Wow/ C30 C60 C90 Go Anna
7’’: Work (from 1981, EMI)
32. The Mahotella Queens/Umculo Kawupheli
lp: Duck Food. African Female Vocal Mbaqanga Classics (Earth Works International)
33. Bow Wow Wow/Jungle Boy
lp: See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang Yeah, City All Over! Go Ape Crazy (from 1981, RCA)
34. Roguestar/Desert Orchid
12’’ (
35. The Sound of Lucrecia/Answering Machine
cd: 4 Women No Cry Vol. 3 ( 
36. Jorg/track 4
cd / free download: Lomek07  (
37. Tender Trap/Oh Katrina
cd: Be True To Your School (
38. Can/Father Cannot Yell
lp: Zhengzheng Rikang (Norvenich Records)
39. Dennis De Bel/Ouverturitme
lp: Hark Too! A Tribute To The Hark Album By Wim T. Schippers ( (a href=”http://www.tocado-

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