The Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) today gave their full support to a

 Police warning from West Yorkshire police concerning the contamination
 of cannabis with crack cocaine.
 A spokesperson said: ”In this serious situation, we are in agreement
 with West Yorkshire Police’s warning on the contamination of cannabis
 which may be the first step towards a new agenda that relates harm
 reduction and human rights – it is to be applauded as essential”
 In 2006, the LCA, alerted consumers to cannabis contaminated with grit,
 glass, sugar and various other substances such as fibreglass. Previous
 to that the LCA had issued health warnings about cannabis resin known as
 “soap bar” which contained many toxic contaminants.
 The LCA believes that legalisation would advance harm reduction and
 human rights.
 A spokesperson for the LCA, said: “West Yorkshire neighbourhood
 policing officer Andy Briggs is to be congratulated for his approach to
 this menace on his beat. I very much hope that this problem, which has
 spread to Bradford according to some of our reports, can soon be solved.
 Whether it is a likely turf war or other community related problems
 underlying cannabis contamination – this is the ugly side of prohibition
 as it happens every day on our streets.
 “This week will see an LCA representative advise the Basque regional
 Government on the implementation of their drugs policies and strategies,
 just as we have advised the ACMD in the past on their deliberations.
 Contaminated street cannabis is an issue that we will raise.
 “The LCA will continue to press for the legalisation of cannabis, as we
 believe that the benefits of this plant do not justify the prohibition
 measures against it. Also the LCA will continue to liaise and
 advise,together with ENCOD, our European coalition partner representing
 most of Europe’s users, despite the Governments reluctance to act up to
 EU guidelines requesting user participation in all its deliberations
 over drugs.”
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