Here’s a top tip…perhaps a sign of the times too…..

From: Paul Rigby (uk+44) 01522 511265 
Address: 1 Greestone Place,m Lincoln, LN2 1PP.

I’m a journalist based in the UK. I write for Record Collector, a national magazine which has been around for over 20 years: one of the most influential music publications currently on the shelves. I also write for HiFi World, one of the top sellers in the UK market. This is a different type of publication and a different audience so appearing in this magazine will not duplicate readers found in Record Collector. Importantly, readers of this magazine all love vinyl.


On that subject, I am the most knowledgeable journalist in the UK regarding the vinyl format. I know the format intimately, whether that be from a mastering or pressing point of view. The two vinyl columns in Record Collector and HiFi World represent the most important awareness pages for that format in the UK. No other music magazine devotes as much space to vinyl as I do (up to 5 pages in HiFi World per month, actually).


I currently scour the world looking for vinyl to review and currently receive product from the UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece and more. If you have any vinyl on offer, I would be more than happy to review it, no matter what the genre.

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Paul Rigby
[T: 01522 511265]
Add: 1 Greestone Place,m Lincoln, LN2 1PP.

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