DFM Radio, 28th October2008
Hostess: Marcelle van Hoof
LISTEN LIVE online: every Tuesday between 19-22 hours CET (Dutch time) / 18-21 hours BST (UK time) 
For INFO/REQUESTS mail Marcelle at: 
She broadcasts from home, so she might play your requested song (almost)
ARTISTS / LABELS are welcome to send their records/cd’s/mixes to:
Another Nice Mess
c/o Marcelle van Hoof
H. Coenradistraat 4 hs
1063 XR Amsterdam
NOW AVAILABLE: ‘DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess Meets Her Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory’ mix album
                     Double vinyl only! (no cd and/or download) 
                     34 tracks, nearly 80 minutes 
                     On Klangbad label from Germany 
                     20 Euros plus postage 
                     Order your copy now:
Special: Manilla Mix
1. Signature tune: Jon E Cash/untitled
2nd track on b-side 12”: Kamikaze (
2. Zomby/Spliff Dub (Sukh Knight Remix)
12’’: Spliff Dub (Remixes) (white label)  
3. No Age/Intimate Descriptions
7’’: Teen Creeps (
4. Benchenet/Malika
lp: Le Disque d’Or Du Raï Volume 1 (from 1987, New Pictures) 
5. Toilet/Toilet 2
split 12’’ ep with Same Things & Skill 7 Stamina 12 (
6. Kraftwerk/Tanzmusik
lp: Ralf And Florian (from 1975, Phonogram)
7. The Bug feat. Killa P & Flowdan/Ganja
8. Andy Moor & DJ/Rupture/Chisanga
cd: Patches (
9. Woog Riots/Islam Punk
10. Nyabingi/Ghawanu A.K.A. Japanese Wolf
11. Extrawelt/One Tree Hill
cd: Schöne Neue Extrawelt ( release date: November 2008
12. Lee Perry/The Groove
lp: From The Secret Laboratory (from 1990, Mango)
13. New Bloods/Day By Day
lp: The Secret Life (
14. Daniel Meteo/The Beat Of The Heart
12’’ ep: Beat Of The Heart (
15. Softboiled Eggies/Mama Don’t Cry
lp: Try It Again (
16. Manekinekod/Speedlight
cd: No Women No Cry Vol. 3 (
17. Skoobz/Sleng Teng (Version)
12’’ (Rockers Dubs)
18. Istari Lasterfahrer & Classless Kula/Buffy The Slayer & The Angel Of Death
cd: Classless Kula Als Beifahrer Bei Istari Lasterfahrer: Nein, Nein, Das Ist Nicht Der Kommunismus! (
19. Portinho/Batumata
cd: Batucada. The Sound of The Favelas (from 1996, Mr. Bongo)
20. Cocoa Tea/Barack Obama
21. Jeff Mills/The Hacker
2xlp: Waveform Transmission Vol. 1 (from 1992, Tresor)
22. Shackleton/El Din (Part One)
split 10’’ with Mordant Music (
23. Public Enemy/Night Of The Living Baseheads (Anti-High Blood Pressure Encounter Mixx)
12’’ ep: Night Of The Living Baseheads (from 1988, Def Jam) 
24. Special: Manilla: Mix
exclusive (
25. Can/I Want More
26. The Ethiopians/Train To Glory
lp: Catch This Beat. The Rocksteady Years 66/68 (from 1980, Island)
27. Gustav/Neulich Im Kanal
lp: Verlass Die Stadt (
28. Kromestar/Bad Man
12’’ (

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