Hurrah! A new Radio To Go podcast.

The latest is devoted to the September Project X Presents! I’m referring you to the PXP, cos this rather fab event is really difficult to put into words – you kind of have to be there. Of course, it helps if you’re in Birmingham. On September 13th. At BUSK on Gough St. Get your tickets now, off the website. or at Jibbering.

This ‘cast has 360, Lil Miss Vix Buzzfox, Rich Batsford, Arc Vel, Loopz and Cellardoor.

Radio To Go Podcasts normally surface, work permitting, about once every month… although for some unaccountable reason, it’s taken me nine months to get this one up. They are devoted to the stunning wealth of terrific music coming out of Birmingham and the West Midlands in the UK. Find them at feedburner and iTunes.

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