The Music Network
May 2008 Meeting Minutes

Mark Badger (The Music Network / Iron Man Records), Zak (Music Journalist), Gary Seeney (Bham Yamaha Music School). Lee Phillips (Corner Studios / Rebelion records), Natasha Whalley (TIC student), Simon Howes (TIC Student), Anthony Hughes (TIC), Rob Horrocks (Einstellung / Cellar Dor), Jadecandi-Faid, K.Rueban – Kantae, Rob Taylor (Impatient management), Andy Derrick (Musicians union), Aldo Costa (Musician), Bob Ubhi (ekta usic project), Abigail seabrook (Musician), Clare Edwards (Gigbeth), Haleigh Power (Dont Call Us regional filmaker)

Sue Buckler


New points:

Anthony Hughes – creative networks:
Mentioned the free food at 6pm and detailed the talk scheduled from Pete Ashton and Stef Lewandski
Rob Horrocks
asked about a trade fair in Leipzig and if anyone had been before or had any knowledge of it to impart. discussion followed.
Question about arts council funding and access to loans to buy equipment. suggestion made of talking to kevin de costa on 0121 631 5747
Einstellung releasing an album on capsule records and band called Cellardoor have an ep out already.

Andy Derrick Musicians union
Gave a detailed run down of forthcoming events from musicians union and then talked about the launch of Network musician. Details handed out to all present.
see next posting to the site for full information on Network Musician.

Also talked about the Andy derrick Jazz Quartet

Abigail Seabrook
Raised some questions about Creative republic, who are they, what do they do, who do they represent and on what basis. Abi asked how to contact them or get involved. A discussion followed.

Gary Seeney – Birmingham yamaha Music School
Talked about the school teaching drums and keyboards.
Gary also runs a music management company working with several bands. gary is currently on the look out for some good funk bands.
Talked about Sue Buckler being a local radio plugger based in the Jewellry Quarter

Talked about the recent sophie lancaster gig that raised well over £1000.
Mentioned a new venue called THE ASYLUM that has just opened and putting on rock bands. mention of Clice aid and charity for MS sufferers. Blaise Bailey will be playing at the venue and contact info for the Venue is 0121 233 1109.

Clare Edwards
Talked about the forthcoming Soweto Kinch show playing under hockley flyover
Gigbeth will be 6-8th November with conference at the Radison.
Clare will be at London Calling 19th june

talked about his album and single, genre reggae and soul RnB
dicsussion followed with reference to potential people who may be able to help him with his record release. Mention of Black Rose Projects and Ian who runs it.

Bob Ubhi
mentioned projects he’s involved with, looking for help to complete some recordings he is working on. He has set up a new website and is looking for help to get a media pack together.

Next Meeting will be Thursday June 26th at 4pm at TIC, Birmingham.

I will aim to keep the minutes short and to the point. If you want the full detail and contact numbers you will have to attend a meeting in person and take notes. Turning up will always be more productive for you than trying to read about it later.