New website for The Music Network

The Music Network has a new website. It’s not all finished yet but after a few hours of ranting and raving and cursing Brian who designed the template, the site is looking a lot better. Brian is actually all right after all, In fact I recommend his work. Let me know if you have any better ideas or suggestions. Stay tuned, cheers Brian, there’s more to follow…..


  1. Mikulas

    I’m from Slovaka and now living in the Birmingham area. I play the lead electric guitair and the drums and want some one to jam with. I love to play metal. If you now anyone please pass on my email. cheers

  2. Musoplex

    Mikulas – first of all welcome to Birmingham…

    Secondly – I will ask around the people at our reh rooms (particularly Skullfox – who have just lost a member, are very metal. I am not sure what Andy played but I know they are all a bit gutted right now.

    Other than that…..the West Midlands (particularly the Black Country) is a metal heaven….are you a drummer or guitarist? How are your blastbeats?

    Send me a message to or and keep in touch.


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