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June 2010 Music Network Meeting Minutes

The Music Network Meeting Minutes 24th June 2010

Clare Edwards, Nicola Toms, Mark Sampson, Gary Hayward, Pete Zimmer, Spence Cater, Rob Heaton, Yammis Yfestos,

Apologies: Anthony Hughes, Andy Derrick, Lyndsey MU cant make Abi Seabrook.

New Points:

Pete Zimmer – Singer songwirter and has been for many years. Plays small pubs and clubs and repetoire blues rock etc. plays covers and a few of his own). just finished a bsc in music tech at BCU. Hosts a couple of open mic jam nights once a fortnight in Amblecote outside stourbridge…at The Maverick. Bands on fridays and saturdays. Once a month on a tuesday night at the queens head in Wolverly out near kidderminster..they have an open mic on a tuesday aimed at singers. Anyone can show up and play. semi acoustic thing…more about singers rather than electric playing etc.
www.facebook.com as pete zimmer

Gary Hayward – Gary has decided to keep and put to one side the new grey whistle test. A project that he’s been working on for past few years.

Gary has bought and set up a brand new website domain called Radio Pebble Mill. He wants it to be a radio station that reflects what is actually going on in the local Birmingham area. Trying to think of good ideas for shows, looking for people to get involved and present shows of their own. it will be internet radio primarily
If you want to get involved in the internet radio station contact gary: 07842 242593
suggestions were made about : rhubarb radio, radio to go, brumcast, music world radio, vale fm, big city fm, south birmingham community radio, basment sound radio

Clare Edwards – Works with Soweto Kinch.
Clare Edwards is involved in three events in July
17th July: Simmer Down Handsworth park. 1pm-7pm all free with workshops, street dance, carnival for kids, its a Community Festival with Reggae. Band called Legend, Friendly Fire band, Daholl,
The Drum Box office 0121 333 2400

31st july a Festival just outside Ludlow in the grounds of Elton Hall
Headlines from Scott Mathews, Chew Lips, Muchuu, King Charles, Tom Bradley,
There is camping, tickets about £28.00

4th July Sing up in the park, Mac, Birmingham. All Free

Nicola Toms: Regional manager for Oxjam which is oxfams Music festival and also Moseley Folk Mostly Jazz festival.
Saturday 16th october in multiple city center venues, come and watch local bands and profits go to oxfam. Gig tomorrow at Urban Coffee company. Oxjam are looking for people to put on smaller events to raise funds before oct 16th then event itself is happening on 16th october in Birmingham City center.

Venues to be confirmed. Victoria and Island
looking for volunteers
emil nicola for more info.

Spence Cater: Project Called “Pathways to Enterprise” which is curretly which is operating in wolverhampton and sandwell offering people who are considering self employment as an option the chance to get help and support in becoming self employed. Spence Cater enterprise coach mobile 07943790266

Rob Heaton: trying to carve out some work in music production…been getting training and experience….recently been working on “two weeks to make it” helping with the making of a film for that project. made contact with a number of media companies.

Rob is looking to find or contact any musicians who are looking to record a demo or any artists who want to make a video or companies
If you want to work with rob bert@wanderful.plus.com

His band is a fusion of latin funk ska reggae
looking for something in world music
attract fans from all sorts of different styles
looking to record an album in october
looking for a record deal producer etc to get things moving.
suggestions made for Yammis to contact: poseidon music, jon cotton, sasa music david flowers, also blue whale studios, alan james and bob ramdhanie,

Keisha Thompson: singer songwriter poet,
git a gig next week at the yardbird…open mic night, next wednesday, (happens every other wednesday) featured artist next week. playing guitar plus jazz reggae,
poets singers musicians invited.
if anyone wants to work with keisha she plays guitar, she sings, poetry, spoken word, jazz, reggae…..email: kstarz4@yahoo.co.uk

Steve Hughes: xova plus dj derrick 25th june £5 with special guests dennis seaton of musical youth.

September 2008 Music Network minutes

The Music Network
25th September
TIC, Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham

Andy Derrick     -Midlands Regional Officer for the Musicians’ Union andy.derrick@musiciansunion.org.uk www.musiciansunion.org.uk

Lyndsey Hardiman     – Midlands Regional Administrator for the Musicians’ Union lyndsey.hardiman@musiciansunion.org.uk

Dave Ewer    – Creative Communications lowerarchy@msn.com www.birminghamwords.co.uk

Cameron Morgan    – Student from South Birmingham College purebreed69@live.co.uk

Abi Seabrook    – Singer and workshop leader abigail.seabrook@hotmail.com

Bob Ubki    – Singer/songwriter and project leader bobubki@aol.com

Simon Howes    – Hardware developer and acoustic engineer simon.howes.mobile@gogglemail.com

Robert Lane    – Singer/songwriter and guitar teacher rlane110@hotmail.com www.robertlanemusic.co.uk

Emma Nouriel    – Head of Music from Scratch radio emma.nouriel@scratchradio.co.uk www.scratchradio.co.uk

Justin Stainton    – Head of New Music from Scratch radio justin.stainton@scratchradio.co.uk www.scratchradio.co.uk

Pete Rhead    – Video producer from Musoplex pjrhead@yahoo.com www.musoplex.com

Andy Blakemore    – from Creative Launchpad a.blakemore@creativelaunchpad.co.uk

Perminder    – Singer for Asian films

Clare Edward    – Gigbeth www.gigbeth.com

Angela Wilson    – Singer/songwriter angellacorrina@yahoo.com

Emma Seel    – Singer/songwriter karmicenergy3@goony.com

Dave Withney    – Owner of the Roadhouse venue in Stirchley                theroadhouse@klminternet.co.uk

Apologies    – Mark Sampson (in Norway)


Andy Derrick introduced how the Birmingham Music Network works and that it was a support network for musicians.

1.    Lyndsey Hardiman asked if any of the attendees had come across pay to play in any local venues.

Abi Seabrook said she had heard of venues that make the band buy an amount of tickets.

Bob Ubki said that Rich Bitch studios wanted bands to pay for hire of the room for invited guests.

Andy Derrick voiced the opinion that pay to play takes away artists choice and is very narrow minded thinking.

A discussion ensued of what opportunities are available for Birmingham bands.

2.    Andy Derrick asked the attendees if they were aware of Surface Unsigned and what their thoughts on it were.

It was mentioned that on certain websites and blogs there is a general negative feeling.  There is a rumour that it is pay to play and that bands are required to sell a certain amount of tickets.

Robert Lane asked for people’s opinions on competitive gigs

Abi felt that even if it was competitive it was just another gig that would raise your bands profile although she would never pay to enter one.  Also that a bit of competition is a healthy thing.

3.    Bob Euby is looking to get Bhangra footage edited and put together and asked if anyone could help.

Andy recommended musoplex and Pete offered to help.

4.    Dave Ewer who is a student at Birmingham College University has taken over Birmingham Words which is a local website whose funding has been taken over by the University.  He wants to find creative people in the following areas, music, film and fiction writing.
The website is going to be re-launched over the next few months and they are hoping to bring out a quarterly magazine.  He is hoping to feature and showcase people, also to promote Birmingham.

Simon Howes recommended that he spoke to Andrew Dubber and Paul Bradshaw both of which work in the Media School.  Also that he speaks to Paul Brushwood who is a Creative teacher in the college.

5.    Pete Rhead spoke about his work at the studio Musoplex which can do everything for a musician from videos and photos to recording etc.

Andy spoke about the workshop that is happening at Musoplex on Thursday 9th October entitled ‘Everything you need to know about the music business’.

6.    Andy Blakemore talked about Creative Launchpad which helps people in the creative sector and is free of charge.  It can assist people to put together a business plan. He offered his availability to help anyone that wanted to chat.

7.    Perminder who is a singer for Asian and English film is looking for finance for films.  He spoke about his work to date and the fact that it is a very specific art form and difficult to do.

8.    Justin from Scratch Radio which is a student and community station that is trying to reflect what goes on in Birmingham.  They want to connect with people that are passionate about music and are willing to get involved.  Examples of way that people can get involved are interviewing bands and artists and going to gigs and reviewing them.  They are offering training to anyone that is interested in getting involved.  The radio station is based at the Perry Barr Campus and is going live in January 2009. studio@scratchradio.co.uk

9.    Clare Edwards came to speak about Gigbeth which is running in conjuction with Music Live.  The headlining acts are the Guillemots and the Sugar Hill Gang plus lots of local bands. There will be a conference at the Radisson Hotel on the 6th November.  Gigbeth has three stands of thought music education, how to promote your music better and music law and IP.  Clare offered to have interviewers from Scratch Radio.  Tickets are available from ticketseller.com and at Rooty Frooty’s and also from 0844 8883 883.  www.gigbeth.com

Radio To Go podcast

Hurrah! A new Radio To Go podcast.

The latest is devoted to the September Project X Presents! I’m referring you to the PXP, cos this rather fab event is really difficult to put into words – you kind of have to be there. Of course, it helps if you’re in Birmingham. On September 13th. At BUSK on Gough St. Get your tickets now, off the website. or at Jibbering.

This ‘cast has 360, Lil Miss Vix Buzzfox, Rich Batsford, Arc Vel, Loopz and Cellardoor.

Radio To Go Podcasts normally surface, work permitting, about once every month… although for some unaccountable reason, it’s taken me nine months to get this one up. They are devoted to the stunning wealth of terrific music coming out of Birmingham and the West Midlands in the UK. Find them at feedburner and iTunes.

More details at http://radiotogo.blogspot.com/


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