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R.I.P. Jo Dunne, former guitarist of “We’ve got a …FUZZBOX… and we’re gonna use it!!”

Dear all,

You may already be aware of the sad news that Jo Dunne, former guitarist of the all-girl band “We’ve got a …FUZZBOX… and we’re gonna use it!!” died of cancer on Friday night 26th October, just 43 years young. She passed away a month before her 44th birthday after a short 6 weeks’ battle against cancer.

Maggie, Jo’s sister and keyboard player in Fuzzbox has asked that I field some of the media activity, as she is helping to arrange the funeral and spending time with the family at this time.

Thank you to those of you who have sent us your kind messages of condolences, tributes in the press and radio plays of Fuzzbox songs, from indie anthems “Rules and Regulations” and “XX Sex” to chart hits “Pink Sunshine” and “International Rescue”.

Jo was very proud of the success the band and what we stood for. On finding out that we were (and are still) the UK’s most successful all-girl band (as opposed to vocal groups), we enjoyed a FAB reunion UK tour in 2010. (info attached). There will be a tribute event in aid of Cancer charities, but it is too soon to say what and when.

Jo will always be remembered as a cool, witty woman and a crackin’ guitarist! Continue reading

Guitarist wanted

Versatile and creative guitarist preferably multi-instrumentalist wanted by alternative writing/production group Celluloid.We have good songs, good contacts, lots of experience ……………..You need to be someone who is creative, talented, driven, with a good understanding of chords, space, fx, dynamics and tension.Also you must not be frightened to play one note if that is what the music requires, but at the same time can summon up a lateral approach to writing.Own gear and transport vital. Our material is expansive, diverse, empty and dense. Gigs, writing, recording, albums, touring experience, backing vocals an advantage. Male – female (or both) age, shape, length of hair, size of buttocks unimportantcinematic, electronica, post-rock, bowie, massive attack , underworld, bunnymen, joy division.We have an album complete and pressed and ready to go on our own label Madswan. www.celluloidband.com and www.madswan.co.uk You would have material to learn, but more importantly we are also interested in what you can also add to the old and bring to the new too!We are waiting to finish the lineup before we start pushing the material to agents, and we are entirely self contained as far as recording and production is concerned.We have already gigged the material and just added a keyboard player to the lineup.Look at us, listen to us – write to us www.myspace.com/celluloidbandinfo@celluloidband.comto listen to soundclips from the album Blueprintsgo to www.madswan.co.uk or www.celluloidband.com