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Everyone has a piece of the puzzle. We must stand united and work together or face annihilation

If you want to know why authoritarians attack the Arts, it’s simple: It’s about control. It’s about creating a society where propaganda reigns and dissent is silenced. They will seek to continuously divide us in order to push us to do what suits them, whoever “they” might be this week. There’s a war going on and the enemy will always seek to rearrange your priorities, to suit their needs.

How do we avoid the apocalypse? We have forgotten a basic operating standard. We have to find a way to unite, to stand together, to make the change we want to see. We can only do this together.

“…..the way to impact people is not to change their minds but to speak to their hearts and souls through music and art. Such forms of expression are less like treatises or manifestos than sigils — magickal ceremonies that recalibrate our collective perceptions, beliefs, and intentions. Reality becomes fungible.” – Douglas Rushkoff

By this I think Rushkoff is saying, with this approach, our perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes toward reality become fluid and interchangeable, rather than fixed or absolute. Everyone can contribute or play their own part for the benefit of everyone involved. We have to be united in our pusuit of a better situation for all, rather than argue fixed or absolute positions. Isn’t this what artists, writers, musicians and performers have been doing since the start? How could we forget?

Douglas Rushkoff also said that “Each of us will do so much less damage with our errors, if we enact our plans for a just and environmentally friendly world as individuals….. seeing what catches on, rather than as great reset policy enactors doing stuff on a global or cosmic level.”

Every artist, writer, performer or musician has a piece of the puzzle. So do all those who work with them or in collaboration with them. And you have a piece of the puzzle too. What I want to suggest is a playful end to the idea of “competition amongst ourselves.” We all have a stake in the well being of music and all those who make it happen. It’s time to stop flinging insults, or mouthing off, or suggesting your fixed idea is better than the other fixed idea. We all have a piece of the puzzle and we all have something to contribute. All of us have value. Music has value. We all work with, enjoy, create or share music. It doesn’t matter if you are a big venue or a small venue, a new artist or an old dog who has toured the world many times over. It doesn’t matter if you are a booking agent or a music promoter, a management company or a friend of the band who helps organising the logistics of getting your mates to the gig.

All of us face the same issues, we all have to manage ourselves, our money, the risks we take, unforeseen circumstances, expenses, costs, changes in the economic climte, changes in peoples habits and financial status and so on. Just when you think you know how it works, something changes or something unforeseen happens. It’s called life. It’s what happens when you are working on other projects. Let’s work together and support one another as an operating standard. No one has all the answers. Between all of us that make up or particpate in the music community, we have the hope of seeing the bigger picture and making or pushing for the changes that are needed through our actions, what we do everyday.

We all seem to be expected to have opinions, skills and expertise in everything, but let’s face it, most of us have skills or expertise in only a few areas. And posting our opinions on facebook might make us feel better but it changes very little, and we end up upsetting or blocking the people we should be forging better relations with.

We have to stop arguing and find a way to move forward together, we have to learn to work together, again. Even when we might not want to. No one is right all the time, not even tour managers, and not everybody has the knowledge or experience of others. We are also under attack from Bots, Sales and Marketing strategies and Trolls who want to push us.

Don’t keep pulling the handbrake, look at the road infront, be aware of what is going on around you and show courtesy to other road users. But don’t let anything push you. We have to find a way to steer a path through all of this. Music must find a way for everyone to enjoy.

What I’m talking about is cooperation, unity, sharing and collaboration in the world of Music on every level in the face of mass destruction. Pardon me for going round in a big circle here but… this idea started Birmingham Music Network back in the year 2000. It is no longer the case that “this is good” but “that is bad.” It’s not “either, or,” it’s not “ones and zeros,” we have to leave the idea of “Binary thinking” behind and embrace “It can be both…. and.” We need a better understanding of quantum mechanics rather than the ability to read a simple bar code. If you’re an artist, I expect few rules apply. As Douglas Rushkoff has suggested, we need to keep things fluid and interchangeable, rather than fixed or absolute.

All creatives and anyone who works with them have something to offer, in some sense. It’s time to unite and stand together or be utterly consumed by what’s coming down the track. You’ve heard it many times before, United we stand, divided we fall. It’s time to find the others, and work with them. They may not be aware of what’s happening.

Musician’s must unite. Those who work with musicians must unite, venues and labels and promoters must unite. We are all struggling to find a way through. You probably think you’re all right. Maybe you are annoyed because you think everyone else is doing all right, maybe you are despairing because nothing is all right. The time has come to put away all these thoughts and look to one another for help and support and to learn to work together and operate for all our common good rather than some selfish pursuit. We all know the story of the big fish eating the little fish or the one company buying up, or putting out of business, all the other companies.

The pond we all live in, the ecosystem that sustains artists, musicians and creatives appears to be drying up. And big or small, all of us are staring down the end of all things. Either we adapt and overcome through collaboration and solidarity or we are going to be wiped away by our own myopic stupidity.

If you haven’t already noticed, the Music Business has relaunched itself as the Nostalgia Business and you weren’t even consulted. Everything is looking in the rear view mirror. What it used to be, where it used to be, what people used to like, what happened back when. The bands I work with sell more T-shirts and Hoodies than they do their own Records on Vinyl or CD. How can anyone justify an album budget when the 3 million streams it generates amounts to less than £200.

John Sinclair, the Detroit poet and former manager of MC5 said to me “I offered them Revolution, but the people didn’t want it.” John tried to bring people together to effect change but in the end people just wanted to do their own thing. The Revolution fell at the first fence. John also said “When I’m gone, the work must go on. Don’t just stop.” or words to that effect. For John it was all about the freedom to create whatever you wanted, to enjoy music, play music, share music and of course enjoy whatever else he wanted to do. He was a lifelong advocate for the legalisation of Marijuana. But John also said something else to me, he said “You have to make the world you want to live in, through your actions, what you do every day.” He said it was up to me. I had to choose what I wanted to do. We all have free will. So what should we do with it?

His words continue to send thoughts through my mind about the situation Musicians find themselves in and what we can do to make the world we live in better for everyone. We have to stand together now.

Go to any social media platform and you will find people offering you solutions in exchange for money, there’s the 5 things you need to know about, or the ten things you must do before. It’s always someone else’s fault. This record is not Mint, it’s VG+ at best. Everyone should do what someone else says. Everyone has an opinion and it is usually leading towards asking someone for money or telling you that what they are doing is better than what someone else is doing. In truth, no one is going to get a refund. Few of us are getting paid. We are all facing annihilation.

I would like to make a general call out to anyone who reads this, we need to encourage unity and cooperation across music, touring, cultural and creative industries because without that, none of us will be able to secure political and public support for the help we all need with the issues we face, especially in the UK. I’m talking about the consequences of Covid 19, Brexit and years of unhelpful or misinformed local and national government policy. We need to find the others and encourage them to join us.

We have to stop blaming each other and we need to unite to initiate meaningful change. Lets work together again, as a united group made up of all those who enjoy music, work with music, create music, or have anything remotely to do with music. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle. You have a piece of the puzzle. Here’s mine.

Our job is to find the others and make something happen.

If you are a musician or someone who works with musicians, here below is some of the current list of issues that everyone is having to face. It’s not good, and it doesn’t make for easy reading. If anyone has some good ideas about what we can all do, lets hear them. If anyone has found a better way, please share it with us. Let’s talk to one another and lets work together. Music will always find a way, and we need to be good to one another… and by that I mean we have to find a way to communicate, work and play together too. We have to find a way to take back control as a united group. We have to find the others or face the apocalypse. United we stand. There’s always something we can do.

Here it comes:

The British live music industry brings in £500m to the UK economy. But the cost to the sector of bringing in £500m is just over £499m — leaving a profit margin of just 0.2 per cent. This, shockingly, is despite more than 22 million of us enjoying live music performances every year. It is fair to say that, without urgent action from the government, we could lose a number of important community assets that account for over 30,000 jobs and an incalculable music heritage in towns and cities in every part of the country. And from my perspective as a Musicians Tour Manager, most artists that I work with look to income from live performance as their biggest regular opportunity to earn money from their music. The current financial outlook is grim for almost everyone.

City bar closes after 16 months citing ‘unforeseen circumstances’ https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/birmingham-bar-closes-after-16-29377592

There’s frustratingly little discussion of our music and nighttime industries in this election buff.ly/4b34jC5

Spiking costs and ‘apex predators’: Inside the UK’s music festival crisis. “It’s carnage,” says one music festival organiser. “People are fighting tooth and nail,” says another. “Something needs to happen because this isn’t working anymore.” buff.ly/3VMRKGW

UK Music sets out priorities of the music industry ahead of general election buff.ly/4bSWZdy

UK Music wants politicians to devise a national music strategy buff.ly/4b5b4nf

Face the music of Brexit barriers. ‘Face the Music’ campaign is urging politicians to find solutions for UK artistes trying to tour in Europe after Brexit buff.ly/3yW5rKm

100+ UK festivals will shut down this year – who’s left? – RouteNote Blog buff.ly/4bTpgAi

UK Music calls on MPs to fix European touring crisis – Access All Areas buff.ly/4bErDat

Towersey Festival, UK’s longest running independent, to bow out after 60 years. Operators said this year’s edition of the UK’s longest-running independent music festival will be the last, due to spiralling costs buff.ly/4bOBgDg

‘People are forfeiting meals’: musicians on the struggle to financially survive buff.ly/3ylxYZG

The Scots band using their DIY touring experience to help with Brexit red tape buff.ly/4dCFdN8

What support do you need when working or thinking about working in the EU? Take Part in the MU’s New Survey on Touring in the EU Post Brexit buff.ly/44mt1f7

‘The working class can’t afford it’: the shocking truth about the money bands make on tour. Musicians these days face pitiful fees and frequent losses. What can be done about it? buff.ly/3xRvsdD

Visa fees for international artists to tour in the US shot up 250% in April. It could be devastating buff.ly/3Ws3DCX

Musicians busk along city centre to protest Brexit touring rules buff.ly/4aWSLAH

UK dance music industry pens open letter urging young people to vote. over six million young people did not vote in the last election, and more than half of those aged 18-34 were not even registered to vote buff.ly/4b2frQc

All Musicians, artists, performers + MU Midlands Members Urged to Attend Public Meeting to Fight Birmingham City Council Cuts. If you live or work in Birmingham, join us on Sat 27th April for Brum Rise Up to resist cuts buff.ly/3xK6eOf

The United Kingdom Faces Many Cancellations Of Music Festivals buff.ly/3UphNTQ

Budget slammed as a “missed opportunity” by UK live music industry buff.ly/3xLSZwo

Music touring and my career in the industry buff.ly/4b1I9km

Top musicians could disappear unless EU touring issues solved, says MP buff.ly/4aWDJeo

UK Sounds: PRS Foundation Launches New Initiative to Support UK Music Export buff.ly/49AQfyX

The music industry is dying! – the effect of Brexit https://northeastbylines.co.uk/the-music-industry-is-dying-the-effect-of-brexit/

Brexit Blues: UK Music Industry Suffers as Artists Face Touring Turmoil buff.ly/4ailv6M

British Music Artists Get Post-Brexit Break, With Europe Touring Regulations Eased buff.ly/3uXMfdO

‘The whole ecosystem is collapsing’: inside the crisis in Britain’s live music scene https://www.theguardian.com/music/2024/mar/01/the-whole-ecosystem-is-collapsing-inside-the-crisis-in-britains-live-music-scene

Further festival cancellations – Connect & 110 Above. “The current economic climate means it would be reckless to plough on with such uncertainty and volatile costs – particularly for a fully independent festival” buff.ly/3V0sq08

Brexit: despatches from the downside. The government is starting to give the impression of behaving like the sorcerer’s apprentice, having conjured up forces in Brexit that it doesn’t understand and can’t control. buff.ly/3uIDCUr

AIF Launches 5% for festivals scheme to save UK festivals. This World-leading industry still suffers due to issues around Covid and Brexit, making maintaining a UK festival even more difficult than ever buff.ly/48xEWH

‘UK’s position as live music leader at stake’: nine festivals cancel amid rising costs. Standon Calling among events scheduled for 2024 to call time or postpone amid fears of impact on new talent buff.ly/49MjU8W

UK music festivals at ‘critical point’ as more events cancelled. Covid pandemic, Brexit, the war in Ukraine and cost of living crisis are all cited as contributing factors towards a looming crisis for UK festivals buff.ly/3SSrbxj

Flagship venues and grassroots arts across Birmingham hit by ‘devastating’ cuts buff.ly/4bOtGcE

Birmingham City Council announce “alarming” culture budget cuts buff.ly/4bMyD5C

Brexit may be ‘terminal’ for UK music industry, top academy principal warns buff.ly/3PgAuGr

Face The Music Petition. European Movement launches campaign to shine spotlight on plight of musicians post-Brexit buff.ly/3I7GvBd

European Movement launches campaign to shine spotlight on plight of musicians post-Brexit buff.ly/3I5Wyzs

US visa petition fees for international touring musicians to increase by over 120 per cent buff.ly/3T69KdW

Ministers urged to ‘call Paul and Ringo’ over touring musician tax forms buff.ly/42TpyUv

Opera singer David Butt Philip on how Brexit is impacting British musicians buff.ly/49f3RAD

Introduce ticket levy on sponsors of large music venues to support grassroots music venues – Sign the Petition! chng.it/WM6Ck998

Brexit’s bum note: UK orchestras hit by new touring tax. Musicians fear European tours could become unviable under the new regime. buff.ly/3RSw6xB

Brexit has been bad for the UK economy, majority of Britons believe buff.ly/4aD235G

UK to lose 10 per cent of grassroots venues in 2023, as calls grow for rest of industry to invest buff.ly/461GZ5Z

The first report of the 2023 Musicians’ Census has just been released and gives a detailed insight into the demographic makeup of UK musicians, the barriers to career progression and economic challenges buff.ly/3LxL0ag

Brexit continues to hurt UK Musicians and Crew – Hypebot buff.ly/3r7B6oK

Brexit batters incomes of over 80% of UK touring musicians, as calls mount for immediate government action buff.ly/45JNk5T

UK Musicians’ Census reveals insights on earnings and career barriers buff.ly/3rhkDhR

Nearly half of working UK musicians earn less than £14k, new census finds buff.ly/46ug3fl

‘The buildings were a sign of civic pride’: anger as art colleges around the UK close their doors buff.ly/3RkQvNf

Campaigners blame Brexit for drop in European artists playing UK festivals buff.ly/46fBhgB

UK Music and FanFair Alliance deliver their latest calls for reform buff.ly/3ZexfD3

Third of UK musicians earn less than £14k buff.ly/3r51eRn

The Brexit deal has been devastating for touring UK musicians – but this can be rectified https://buff.ly/44DKv56

More Than 80% Of UK Musicians Touring EU Have Seen Brexit Hit Their Earnings

UK musicians’ tour earnings plummet thanks to Brexit

UK Music survey: 82% of artists touring EU say Brexit has hit earnings

Ash’s Tim Wheeler: ‘It’s such a pain in the arse, Brexit’ https://buff.ly/3L2nPVq

Future UK-EU negotiations should discuss the adoption of a cultural passport for the creative industries.

Study Reveals Brexit’s Impact on UK Musicians – Ludwig Van Daily buff.ly/3ONcDNm

British musicians say they are losing out on gigs and jobs in Europe since Brexit buff.ly/3Pju6i1

‘The government has been asleep on the job’: report reveals almost half of UK musicians working less in Europe than before Brexit buff.ly/3P8v3cQ

Almost 50 per cent of UK musicians working less in Europe after Brexit buff.ly/3Ean2h9

Nearly half of UK musicians have lost work in Europe following Brexit, stark report reveals buff.ly/3KQ80kf

Brexit sees UK musicians’s work dry up in EU: ‘It’s killing us’ buff.ly/45nesaG

Quarter of music industry workers have had no work in EU since Brexit buff.ly/3ONHeKy

How to ensure your post-Brexit travel to the EU is seamless buff.ly/3Ea4ygN

Nearly 28% of music industry workers have had no work in EU since Brexit – Access All Areas buff.ly/44wK7pe

Labour MP hits out at ‘massively damaging’ issue facing musicians coming to Scotland buff.ly/47mdM6W

Brussels tells EU states: Ignore UK on post-Brexit trade buff.ly/3DSymOU

Over 80% of UK musicians report loss of earnings due to Brexit | News | ArtsProfessional

Brexit red tape ties up musicians touring EU and cuts into earnings

Post-Brexit talent visa gets just three applicants in two years

Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones Criticizes the Use of AI in Music Industry buff.ly/45drnfc

Visa fee increase for international touring musicians delayed by US government buff.ly/3QbXaZp

UK Music – Study raises questions over unintended effects of constraining British artists to domestic tours post-Brexit. – Birmingham Music Network buff.ly/474bQ2U

How Brexit crippled touring for UK musicians buff.ly/44BZInS

UK music brought in €7.7bn in tourism – but is the scene healthy? buff.ly/3NW8lmk

Brexit adding extra stress to concert promoters – Soundsphere magazine buff.ly/3O59DM6

Live Music Research – Researching the business and culture of live music buff.ly/44G9p4C

UK live music revenue to hit all-time high this year – Access All Areas buff.ly/44sol6g

‘I can’t keep making a loss’: bands shun UK festivals as touring costs rise. Musicians say they can’t afford to go on the road any more, while smaller events are cut back or cancelled

Event professionals. There has been expectation that those looking to break into the industry carry the financial burden of inadequate budgets, and endure long hours, below acceptable welfare conditions, and undefined outcomes. buff.ly/3Css9IO

Trent Reznor Gives Update on Future of Nine Inch Nails. “The importance of music — or lack of importance of music — in today’s world, from my perspective, is a little defeating”

Lords committee urges end to Brexit barriers for musicians and young people buff.ly/44gUhuX

Parliament opens debate on the devastating impact of Brexit  buff.ly/3n67p5D

Ice Cube says AI is demonic and its use in music will spark a backlash: ‘Somebody can’t take your original voice and manipulate it without having to pay.’ buff.ly/3Wt15SZ

Britain’s ever-harsher welfare system means that now only the rich can afford to make art | Alex Niven

The Carry On Touring Campaign

Why UK Bands Playing in Europe Are Booing Brexit buff.ly/3OYvJ4L

Musicians left ‘sad and humiliated’ by disaster of post-Brexit travel for gigs buff.ly/3pQx1V3

Noel Gallagher blasts Brexit: ‘absolute disaster’ buff.ly/43aR4fl

Blur frontman: ‘Brexit was a travesty for young musicians’ buff.ly/3MSist4

Blur’s Damon Albarn labels Brexit a “disaster” buff.ly/3BSXqEg

Midnight Sun Festival launch cancelled.“Rising costs and limited availability on festival infrastructure, as well as the cost of living crisis having an impact on ticket sales means that we are not in the position to deliver the event” buff.ly/421uncy

The Government-backed Live Events Reinsurance Scheme, designed to offer live events operators cover during the Covid-19 pandemic, paid out just one single claim of £180,500 while generating nearly £6m in premiums to cover 169 events buff.ly/3NipTKJ

David Furnish slams Brexit red tape amid slump in UK acts at EU festivals

Musicians left devastated as Brexit takes toll on travel for gigs | The National

EU Provides Clarity Regarding Portable Musical Instruments and Associated ATA Carnet Requirements

The art of Brexterity: the vandalism of one of the UK’s most profitable sectors

Simon Rattle is right: Britain is becoming a cultural desert – and that’s a political choice | Martin Kettle. The arts and classical music say much about us as a country. We will need to fight for their place in our national life

Simon Rattle: UK classical music is fighting for life after ‘swingeing’ funding cuts

37% of young festival-goers put off by increased prices – Access All Areas buff.ly/3AcFLGS

Musician explains why AI will never be able to replicate art & music as humans do ‘Disappointed feeling that there are smart people out there that actually think the artistic act is so mundane that it can be replicated by a machine,’ https://scoop.upworthy.com/musician-explains-why-ai-wont-be-able-to-replicate-art-like-humans-do

Ukrainian orchestra’s key members refused visas to play in UK buff.ly/3KXkmaQ

German band ‘refused entry to UK in Brexit rules row’ buff.ly/3UVnrM8

Glasgow venue ‘struggling’ as Brexit rules are ‘killing’ independent music scene buff.ly/3Ado89Q

Britain is a dying nation in need of new curators | Stewart Lee buff.ly/3GXyZIZ

In Brexit Britain, the arts are being treated as hobbyist luxuries for the independently wealthy. A day job is a reality for many it’s how artists, writers, & musicians, not blessed with independent or inherited wealth, keep themselves afloat buff.ly/40kVtdP

Dominion Festival debut cancelled with only 5% of tickets sold – Access All Areas buff.ly/3Lh3g8c

Ian MacKaye on the “depressing” state of the music industry https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/ian-mackaye-depressing-state-of-the-music-industry/

New US visa 260% price hike will impose further pain on UK touring musicians buff.ly/3okKpzT

British Musicians Suffer from the Cost of Living Crisis – Skipping a Meal, Performing Less, and Finding a New Job Is on Today’s Agenda buff.ly/40qUqc1

Music by the many for the many – SAM SWEEK highlights the devastation Government policies have visited on the music industry

Government accepts key Committee recommendations to provide greater transparency on music streaming work and a more proactive approach to cultural policy

38 Million tracks on music streaming services were played ZERO times in 2022. Nearly a quarter (24%) of the 158 million tracks on music streaming services monitored by Luminate in 2022 attracted ZERO plays that year. That’s approximately 38 million tracks

Robomagic’s James Massing on putting artists and the planet first

Festival Lab 2023 course to tackle lack of diversity in festival industry – Access All Areas

UK Music calls on Chancellor to back eight-point plan for jobs and growth | M Magazine

U.S. Visa Hike May Impact Future Mobility of Touring Musicians

Music venues and clubs warn of mass closures after government spring budget revealed

The Price of Music: Artists explain how the monumental expenses of touring make it an unfeasible reality

British Musicians Suffer from the Cost of Living Crisis – OperaWire ?

The economy is so bad for British musicians that 25% are having to skip meals – Alan Cross

British musicians forced to cancel US tours as visa costs rise

Music Venue Trust calls on local councils to help save gig spaces after Preston City Council gives £150k to Own Our Venues scheme

Cost of living and last minute gig-goer decisions “a perfect storm” for grassroots music venues

Leaked letter: ‘A toxic culture of fear and paranoia’ at the BBC, from the D-G down – SlippediscSlippedisc | The inside track on classical music and related cultures, by Norman Lebrecht

Artists in UK public sector making far below minimum wage, survey finds | Arts funding | The Guardian

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

Tour Management: Going to Ireland and crossing the UK/EU Border using a Carnet

German punk band Trigger Cut refused entry to UK to tour because of Brexit

German punk band ‘humiliated’ after being refused UK entry due to post-Brexit rules

In Conversation with Dodgy’s Nigel Clark: all things Britpop, Billie Eilish, and why Britain just isn’t being ‘Good Enough’ to its musicians – The Mancunion

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The Industry Report 2023 by Entourage Pro Ltd.

The Industry Report 2023 has sought to provide some context around members hopes, fears and considerations on topics such as the cost-of-living crisis, mental health, diversity, prediction, industry sentiment and pay.

Entourage Pro Ltd, the world’s first free, verified crew network and entertainment industry research and insights company, has published a report based on member’s feeling and predictions for the year ahead.

In conjunction with technical industry measurement, and with input from the global freelance crew community, manufacturers, rental houses and key industry stakeholders from the live entertainment sector, The Industry Report 2023 has sought to provide some context around members hopes, fears and considerations on topics such as the cost-of-living crisis, mental health, diversity, prediction, industry sentiment and pay.

Over 1000 respondents took part in the survey, providing a comprehensive and detailed sample range for the purpose of the report.

Read the report here

“We’ve spent a lot of time speaking to industry bodies, crew members, suppliers, manufacturers and the wider music industry,” says Entourage Pro Director, Joel Perry. “Whilst there are some concerns for the year ahead, there is also a feeling of optimism. Areas such as education, people value, exploring new ways to build relationships and to undergo training, etc., are being brought to the forefront of attention and from this, as an industry, we are ready and able to react.”

“We’ve published results as they’ve come into us and remain impartial,” adds Entourage Pro co-director, James Stanbridge. “As we measure the industry in more detail moving forward, in terms of kit, market share, venues, and trend, we hope that this direct approach is helpful and useable to all segments of the industry.”

“Now is the perfect time to listen intently to the industry and those operating within it, and really act upon the issues and challenges we continue to face,” concludes Harvey Goldsmith, who joined the Entourage Pro board at the end of last year. “Where better to gain valuable insight than from those at the very sharp end of the experience economy, and who better to action change moving forward?”

To read the report, visit https://www.entouragepro.com/industry-report

European Tour Dates – How to cross the UK / EU Border Using a Carnet

If you are a band with European Tour Dates and are travelling in a Splitter Van with a Carnet across the UK/EU Border for the first time since Brexit, Mark at Iron Man Records explains how to keep it simple.

Mipso European Tour June 2022

I took an Americana Band called Mipso across Europe in June 2022. I learned a lot about post Brexit Border crossing. Here’s what I would recommend if you have Tour Dates to play, the UK/EU Border to cross, and a Carnet to deal with.

The first thing to do is go by Eurotunnel. Get a “passenger” ticket for a 9 seat Splitter van as it is classified as “a passenger carrying vehicle.” Don’t go on a “Freight” ticket. Avoid the Ferry, I know it’s cheaper, but the risk of huge queues and all sorts of other issues can make things complicated. I would choose a “Standard Refundable” ticket as it’s valid for a year from date of purchase, ideal if plans change, and you need to move the booking to a later date. The ticket is also refundable if something happens. Book your departure to be two hours later than needed. If you are delayed getting the Carnet processed or get stuck in Traffic you will still turn up on time. If you turn up early you can still take an earlier crossing up to two hours before your scheduled departure.

UK Outbound (export)

If you are going to choose an Inland Border Facility to present your Carnet, go to STOP 24. There are many Inland Border Facilities to choose from, I just find STOP 24 easy as it’s close to Eurotunnel. It easy to find on your way to Eurotunnel check in and easy to get to when you return. You don’t need to book in advance, you can turn up anytime you like. Stop 24 Folkestone Services is located at Junction 11 of the M20 and is the closest motorway services to the Channel Tunnel and Port of Dover. Full address: STOP 24, Folkestone Services, Junction 11, M20, Hythe CT21 4BL https://www.stop24.co.uk

Drive in and go past the petrol station. Follow the road all the way round to the back of the services where all the trucks are parked up. Using What3words Head to ///simulates.rope.weaned where there is a barrier. You will need to put your number plate in before the barrier opens. Drive all the way round until you find the van parking spaces at ///menu.oxidation.shelters. Don’t park in the truck spaces. Wear your High Vis when moving around in the truck park.

When you walk into the Services you will see the Channel Ports Office, it’s right opposite the public toilets, that’s where you need to present the Carnet.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

STOP 24 has got to be one of the worst services in the UK. Don’t have any high hopes for good food or drink of any quality. The amenities on offer are basic, but if you get stuck for hours, there are places to get hot and cold food and coffee and so on. So it’s bearable. They even have picnic tables outside. Try and stay positive.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

I use Rock-It Cargo whenever I need a Carnet. I put The Carnet in the name of Iron Man Records at the Iron Man Records address. You can list yourself and any member of the band/crew as ‘named representatives’ so any member of the travelling group can present the Carnet.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

You need to present ID with the Carnet to show you are either the holder or a named representative.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

Make sure the Green front page of the Carnet is signed and I had to then fill out a Yellow “exportation” voucher. You can do all of this in advance but you must sign the yellow voucher in front of the clerk you are handing it to. You should also have copies of your general list in case of inspection.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

Once the staff at the Customs office window have your Carnet they will ask you for a mobile phone number. They keep all your paperwork and give you a slip/receipt and you go and wait for a text. Be sure to wait where there is plenty of phone signal. Stop 24 has poor signal in some areas.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

The first time I had to visit Stop 24 I got a text after nearly 3 hours saying everything was fine and to collect the paperwork. Typically the wait might be 20 minutes, but be prepared for a longer wait on occasion. If I had been picked for inspection that would have added extra time to inspect the goods against the general list.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

Once you have the Carnet back, return to the Truck Park Exit and the barrier lifts automatically. You don’t have to pay for the parking.

When you arrive at check in for Eurotunnel, use the passenger check in, don’t get in the freight line. Here are some numbers should you want to ask about anything in advance or ask about Merch.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

EU Inbound (import)

When exiting Eurotunnel, passenger cars and vans go right. Look out for the orange sign that says SIVEP. As you follow the road out of Eurotunnel, the first slip road on the right is the one you will need to take. There is a SIVEP sign to direct you too. If you find yourself going past the Total Garage you have missed the turning and will need to use your Sat Nav to find your way.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

You can search for the Sotracom Office Calais on Bd de L’Europe, 62100 Calais, France on Google Maps. The easiest way is to use What Three Words using ///class.massive.abolish where there is a gate and a buzzer that you ring and say you have a Carnet that needs stamping as you are importing from UK to EU. Then they will let you in and you park up and walk to the office.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

Take ID & your Carnet with completed white importation voucher and copy of general list, sign it in front of them and hand it over. Then you get given a number, and you sit and wait for your number to be called and your paperwork will be ready to collect. The process took less than ten minutes and there was no inspection. There was a van driving round the car park with a bloke in a high Vis asking truck drivers questions. I timed it just right to be sure I got into the van and drove away without any further discussion. I have no idea what was going on but I didn’t want to hang around and find out. The golden rule with all of these things is return to your vehicle as quickly as possible and drive away as fast as possible before anyone decides to inspect the vehicle. But don’t make it look like you are returning to your vehicle as quickly as possible or driving away as fast as possible. Try and look relaxed. There’s no gate or buzzer on the way out, you can just drive away no problem.

EU Outbound (re-export)

You need to go somewhere different at Calais Eurotunnel on the way back to the UK to get the carnet stamped.

Follow the Eurotunnel signs to the tourist terminal at Junction 42b (Don’t get in the freight queue).

Go through Eurotunnel check in as usual.

Turn right into the passenger terminal car park as if you are going to get a coffee or visit the toilets (if you have gone through border control you have missed it!)

Walk into the terminal and turn right. Follow the signs for the Toilets. Go past WH Smith and on the left-hand side before the toilets there is a customs window (Douanes)

They process your white re-exportation voucher that you have filled in and sign in front of them etc. As mentioned before, it took 5 minutes. Keep quiet and let them process it as you stand at the window. They are no more interested in your Carnet than you are. Let them do the work while you wait.

This office is the same place that process your duty-free refunds. The staff told me they are open 24 hours, 7 days a week but there can sometimes be a slight delay if the shifts are changing over. So 5 minutes is typical but be prepared for a longer wait if they pick you for inspection or the shifts are changing over.

UK Inbound (re-import)

Return to Stop 24 as you did before. Same procedure. Park up in the van parking, hand your carnet in at the office window. You will need to get your yellow re-importation voucher stamped.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

If that’s the end of your trip you have to return the Carnet to Rock-it Cargo or whoever supplied the Carnet.

It seems to me that no one is inspecting vehicles outbound or inbound unless they have good reason to do so. Always tell the others in the travelling group to keep quiet when you are being questioned by Customs or Border Force Staff. Be sure to cooperate fully but don’t talk too much or make silly comments or jokes in case it attracts more detailed questions. Answer the questions in full as simply and clearly as possible. Get your passports stamped and get going. Don’t mess around or you may win a full inspection. And then you may be in all sorts of trouble if they find anything not listed on the carnet.

Tour Management: Crossing the UK/EU Border Using a Carnet

Useful Addresses:

UK to EU

Stop 24, Folkestone Services, Junction 11, M20, Hythe, Kent, CT21 4BL

Eurotunnel UK Terminal, Ashford Road, Folkestone, CT18 8XX

Bureau de controle douane calais port tunnel, 62100 Calais, France.

Sotracom Office Calais on Bd de L’Europe on Google Maps sotracom Office calais, 62100 Calais, France

EU to UK

Calais Eurotunnel Arrival Point, Avenue de France, 62231 Coquelles, France

Stop 24, Folkestone Services, Junction 11, M20, Hythe, Kent, CT21 4BL

Rock-it Cargo

Watch and Learn about all things Music and Brexit here: UK Europe Arts Work

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Acoustic Anglo-Americana at the Boat Inn, Monday 15th March 2010 CV21 1HN

The spotlight is on the authentic sound of Americana on Monday (15th March) at The Boat Inn on Main Street, Newbold-on-Avon, near Rugby.

The fabulous all-star line-up of Three Dollar Tag are this month’s special guests for resident ‘Anglo-Americana’ trio BorderLine Crossing (Chele Willow, Pete Willow and Dave Cook) in what promises to be another great evening of music.

Three Dollar Tag consists of four well-known Warwickshire musicians: singer and guitarist Howard Lincoln, acoustic and electric guitarist Pete Jackson, dobro and banjo-player Bob Powell and fiddle maestro Mick Shaler.

Together they present the sound of small town America having a good time. According to their blurb the band’s unusual name is Americana for ‘the real thing’ and they describe themselves as ‘just four guys having as much fun as you can have in public with the lights on!’

The music starts around 8.30pm and admission is free – but bring some change for the raffle and guest collection! Set your satnavs to CV21 1HN.

Special guest for next month’s session on Monday April 19th is the wonderful Napton-based singer-songwriter, Thom Kirkpatrick.

Further details from Pete Willow 01788 832608 or 07887 552896