Birmingham Music Network Meeting – 31st October 2013


Sue Nicholls – Merchandiser Glenn Tilbrook, Steve Poltz.

Doug Evens – Oi!Kaboom! Productions

Jake Cunningham – Freelance sound engineer.

Roy Carter – Karta Songs

Jason Carter – Animated movies, animation and music.

James Anthony – Producer.

Rob Heaton – Freelance producer

Nick Romluc – Giraffe Audio

Matt Fisher – Giraffe Audio

Viktoriya Yordanova –Final year student in PR at UCE.

Megan Lane – Second year student studying Music & Events at BCU.

Ian Bourne – musician, singer/songwriter.

Sarah-Ann Cromwell –Diva Gigs.

New points

Doug Evens – Oi!Kaboom! Productions – provides promo videos, narrative videos, live footage, short films, often shot around Birmingham, looking for new artists to record videos for. Suggested look at Songs and Dances of Death film shorts made by Birmingham Opera Company. (
Contact details:;
07767 320345

Jake Cunningham – freelance sound engineer, studio and live. Looking for openings, freelance projects and to make connections. Suggested looking on BMN website for links and also to refer to previous meetings’ minutes.
Contact details:
07754 598569

Roy Carter – looking to get involved with anything music based in the West Midlands. Mentioned film extras needed for new big movie, need to apply via ( If you are successful in getting a part, please relay details to Zoie Wainwright,
Contact details:
07903 316015

Jason Carter – Animated movies, animation and music. Looking for future collaboration. Search on YouTube for Jason Carter Jeckyll and Hyde  to see one of Jason’s animations, or follow link:
Contact details:

James Anthony – Writes and produces own material often using session musicians. Looking to promote songs/gigs. Recommended to visit BMN website for links and for info in minutes of previous meetings.
Contact details:
07964 892932

Rob Heaton – freelance producer.
Contact details:
07941 726453

Nick Romluc – used to work in Musical Exchanges and at Digital Village. Setting up own company with Matt Fisher.

Matt Fisher – Has been doing music for 18 years. Focuses on production and music tech side. Worked in recording studios and composes.

Matt and Nick are setting up a company to advise artists on all aspects of recording especially tailoring the right gear to the right artist, re: sound, individual requirements. This includes setting up home or mini studio and can advise on what an artist would need to get started and also what to add on to expand as required. Currently speaking to South City College, setting up ecommerce website and finalising business property.

Contact details: Matt’s mobile: 07765 708899 Nick’s mobile: 07939 913320

Viktoriya Yordanova –final year student in PR at UCE. Wishes to work in Music industry. Currently working with reggae/ska band Mr Shankly ( Been touring West Midlands (recent show at The Yardbird), currently working on second album. Looking to take them to the next level and seeking advice. Suggested contacting The Crossing and Alvin Davis band (who recently supported Ruby Turner). Also suggested contacting Crucial Talent who book bands of similar genre and suggested Ian Bourne may be able to provide links to venues/contacts in Coventry (home of 2Tone).
Contact details:
07449 124637

Megan Lane – Second year student studying Music & Events at BCU. Needs help on imminent assignment. For her music business module, she needs to engage with some sort of business in the music industry e.g. record company, publishing, promotion. Needs to observe people at work to compile research report. Presentation next Thursday so needs to have something in mind by then. Suggested she contact potential leads by telephone rather than send emails and advice given on suggested contact and approach.
Contact details:
07531 657763

Ian Bourne – Looking to make transition from open mics to paid gigs. Suggested might find information/leads on BMN website.
Contact details:
07512 482392

Sarah-Ann Cromwell – diverse career to date. Opera singer, successful visit to Edinburgh Fringe with, 4 star review in Time Out London. Would like to find out who to contact to forward show reels and reviews to move to next level for open touring/corporate/cabaret shows. SN will contact cabaret friend on Facebook for advice.
Contact details:
07875 008823

Sue Nicholls – shout out for any singers, actors, dancers interested in being involved in the next Birmingham Opera project, Musorgsky’s Khovanskygate taking place in Spring 2014. If interested go to and follow Get Involved tab or send email to
Contact details:
07956 320334

In addition, Clare Edwards forwarded details of ‘Crowd Out’, a project with Birmingham Contemporary Music Group who will be looking for 1000 singers to take part in the project in June 2014. There is a free public workshop at 1.30pm Sunday 3rd November at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham but she also needs a few extra singers to have a run through before the main workshop between 9:30 and 11:30 Sunday morning. You don’t need to be able to read music and lunch will be thrown in! Contact Clare at if you are interested.

Project details: