• A new CD from these anarcho dub punkers from London with the live from 97 "escape from new cross" and mini album "enter the dragon" + 2 more songs taken from EP's before the new album! All the classics songs for this band who turn all over Europe with and light fire with there nice music for fighting and dancing!

    01. Human Sheep
    02. Party On
    03. The Journey
    04. The Cause
    05. Criminals
    06. Middle Oak
    07. Earth Must
    08. Heartbeat
    09. White Nightmare
    10. 1066
    11. Name Of The Father
    12. Enter The Dragon
    13. Noah's Farce (5'04 – 4.109 ko)
    14. 1066
    15. The Cause
    16. Guns Of Brixton

  • Dufus: Eth
    NEW CD 2010

    After almost 13 years and 10 full length recordings, Dufus is putting out our final album. This album’s production includes Seth Faergolzia’s voice and compositional wizardry, a horn section, two drummers, violin, a choir, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, toy piano, accordion, flute, and circuit bent noise instruments. It is our most grandiose and well plotted production. The content addresses a number of ideas including the importance of silence, long time friends, post-child breakups, love, schizophrenia, and profound dream stories.

    1. silence
    2. dastard
    3. life is empty
    4. feed the baby
    5. knock around
    6. old friends
    7. gracious host
    8. bcuz
    9. purple baby
    10. elephants and whales
    11. aren't happy
    12. tina
    13. ease your mind