8:45      marcuszodiac69

9:15     Your Mum (Gaynor). One women, an electric bass, a soft voice and a lot of ska.

9:45     Pit the Welder. Red man of – red man green man. Comedy.

10:00   Susan Dillane – singer of Woodbine. Also head hunted to sing a couple of numbers for a Death In Vegas album.

10:30   John Broclesby – Dark folk – one man and his guitar. One of my all time personal favourites. Mesmorising.

11:00   Balsall Heathens – Sam from Alcohol Licks, Contempt. Jock form GBH. Rounding off the night with some kick ass pirate style folk. Totally classic.

Wagon and Horses
Adderley St, Digbeth,
B9 4ED
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