• Blog (called Complete Control) dedicated to punk rock music (and related genres like power pop, Oi! streetpunk, garage, mod revival, rock’n’roll, psycho, hardcore, surf, etc…) focused just on reviews and news. This is because two reasons:

    1- I make a fanzine with interviews, articles, reports and the usual stuff but it’s about 200 pages so i publish one issue each year and a half.

    2- In Spain there’s a lack of printed zines, webzines, mailorders, etc… and the level of english and other languages is very poor here (i’m an example! haha) so most people interested in good music don’t know about new releases of foreign labels, etc…

    So we wanna make a blog with news about releases, fests, etc… and reviews of music (cd’s, lp’s, ep’s, etc…), literature (books, zines, etc…) and dvd’s. The music reviews will be in-depth reviews with some biographical info, links of the bands and labels, etc… and of course they will be totally independent.